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You Know You're From Orlando When...

You Know You're From Orlando When...

samanthataylor, you have no idea how jealous we are of your ability to get Chick-Fil-A.— Sparkitors

I’ve seen tons of these “You Know You’re From ____ When…” posts, and I’m surprised that no one has even mentioned the Orlando area. People come from all over the globe to visit our attractions, and can you really blame them? They’re pretty awesome. So, how can you tell that you’re a true Central Floridian? Well…

-You look forward to hurricanes. Not because you’re some crazy adrenaline junky that thrives on danger, but because you know a hurricane almost always guarantees you at least one day off school.

-Not only do you know when to avoid tourist attractions, but you also rarely, if ever, pay to get in (everyone seems to have an aunt or uncle that works at Disney or Universal).

-Your family vacations usually consist of going to a beach on the other side of the state.

-FCAT is the bane of your existence.

-You know that Chick-fil-A is the best fast food around, and you always seem to get a craving for it on Sunday.

-You know what OBT stands for, and it strikes a little bit of fear into your heart every time you hear someone say it.

-You know where all the good, tourist-free beaches are.

-You sometimes go to tourist spots like the Florida Mall and amusement parks just to people-watch and guess what countries they’re all from.

-Half your school seems to work at Publix.

-You tell people you meet out of state that you’re from Orlando, because you know they’ve never heard of your real hometown.

-You’ve eaten gator tail at least once, and (whether you love it or hate it) you have a very strong opinion about it.

-You’ve gotten at least one free Orlando Magic's ticket, but probably have never actually gone to a game.

-You know the difference between heat lightning and storm lightning, and neither one is scary to you anymore.

-You’re practically an expert at spotting spray tans.

-You know that not everyone that lives here is blond and super-tan, and it annoys you when people you meet say, “You’re from Florida? But you’re not that tan!”

-The closest you’ve ever been to mountains is driving the hills of Clermont.

-You know someone with either “FL,” “407,” or an outline of the state tattooed on their back.

-As soon as temperature averages dip below 70 degrees, you turn your heater on.

-You don’t know how people survive without central air conditioning.

Are YOU from Orlando? (Or a really obscure small town somewhat near Orlando?)

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