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We Are All Going To Die—Unless You Click On This Post

We Are All Going To Die—Unless You Click On This Post

ohmygoodnessgraciousgosh! promises to make you laugh—and save your life. It's an offer you can't refuse.—Sparkitors

The Mayans predicted it long before you were born. Dan Bergstein has been building his nuclear shelter for years. I also back up the theory. What's not to believe? The world will end on December 21, 2012. There, I said it. Now that you're all panicking, hold up: There is a way to survive. It takes effort, but it exists. So Sparklers, I present to you: How To Survive 2012: the Illustrated Guide.

Idea 1: Get a superhero's help.

Idea 2: Become an imaginary creature.

Idea 3: Use your genius.

Idea 4: Somehow get extremely lucky.

Idea 5: If you get really desperate...

If you follow this guide, I officially ensure that you would live to see 2013. If not, as a warranty, I promise to plant five trees for every Sparkler who doesn't survive the end of the world. Terms and conditions apply.

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