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You Know You’re a Witch/Wizard When...

You Know You’re a Witch/Wizard When...

aPennyForYourTwoCents, we think a better title for this post would be "You Know You're Harry Potter When..."—Sparkitors

I’ve been wondering why I never received my Hogwarts acceptance letter.  If you’re wondering the same thing, don’t fret your ashamed little Squib/Muggle head…because you still  may very well be a witch/wizard! Here's how you can tell:1. The weather becomes really hot when you’re upset. People like to say you’re just upset because the weather’s hot, but you know better.

2. Your mom cut your hair and it grew right back! (After a few weeks.)

3. You’re really good friends with your principal. Like reallll good friends. Like reaaaaal—oh, but not in that way.

4. You have a pet bird that loves you (and carries your mail).

5. Things happen that you just can’t explain. Like that D on your AP US History test. That you may or may not have studied for. (I promise Mom, I couldn’t control it! It’s because I’m a witch! I don’t have time for these foolish Muggle histories!)

6. You are always wondering about the whereabouts of your birth parents. (By the way, they’re at the grocery store.)

7. You have at least one annoying cousin.

8. People stare at you strangely. (Remember, it’s because you’re famous and just don’t know it.)

9. You have a bank account. And there’s money in it. That your parents put in there for you!

10. You have a unique skin marking or blemish. It may or may not send strange neurological impulses.

11. You manage to get out of every dangerous situation with your soul still intact. Except for that one time when you died and came back to life.

12. When you turned 13 years old, you had a bad year that was full of superstitions. You learned some horrible news that turned out to be good news.

13. You realize that your lisp means that you are a carrier of the Parseltongue gene.

So, what's the consensus? Are you a witch/wizard?

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