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Vocab Word of the Day!

Vocab Word of the Day!

EPIC VOCAB SHOUT-OUTS from yesterday's post go to:

crimsonandclover23: Why is it that when I try to make an innocuous remark, it ironically ends up being so offensive that the whole world blows up in an explosion of nocuous-ness?

sayWHAT??shutUP!: Say What has a problem: she clicks on seemingly innocuous Youtube videos, then realizes they are about fart jokes, horribly tragic deaths, and/or the song Friday. Which is worse??

AwesomePossum214: This sentence was innocuous till I added 'in your pants' to it.

TAMM!E: "DAD! I don't see WHAT the big deal is- staying on Sparklife for 51 hours straight without sleep is completely innocuous to my health and is in NO way, shape, or form dangerou-

River_Otter: As someone with a fear amounting to a phobia of needles, I profess that an inoculation is ANYTHING but innocuous.

Today's word: Discursive

Definition: Passing aimlessly from one subject to another; digressive; rambling.

Post your best sentence in the comments!

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