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The Drama of Choosing a Dorm Room

The Drama of Choosing a Dorm Room

It’s about time for room draw on campuses everywhere—that magical time of year when college students express a preference for where they'd like to live next year, and are then assigned a room. This, naturally, has caused campus-wide hysteria. I mean, it’s not like we've known this was coming for months or anything. There are two ways to handle this situation. If you’re like my Future Roommate, you take room draw super-seriously and organize a diagram of what rooms you want to live in. Or, if you’re like me, you draw up have a short list of places where you refuse to live in, then take wherever else you get.

The two aspects of room draw everyone likes to stress over are as follows: 1) Who your roommate(s) will be. 2) Where you and your roommate(s) will live. Now, at my school, as at many others, we aren’t allowed to live off-campus. Our living options: single dorms (really only for upperclassmen and SA’s [like RAs, but without the authority]), double dorms (where the vast majority of the population lives), triples (you need to apply early for these, so they’re automatically out of the question for this procrastinator), and campus-owned houses (owned by clubs and sports teams—our replacement for the nonexistent greek community). So everyone really has the same limited options. And yet everyone is freaking out like they’ll be living in whatever generic dorm they get for the rest of their lives. Can you tell that I'm wearied by (to quote my middle school band director) everyone getting their undies in a bundle over this?

I can understand a slight agitation over the whole roommate situation. There IS the whole “should I room with Current Roommate again?” question to create drama, but that doesn’t happen to be a huge deal for me, because I knew ages ago that I was going to move in with someone other than Current Roommate. I mean, Current Roommate is wonderful. Example: I was freaking out the other night about writing my 4-year plan as to what classes to take/what I will major in, so she wrote the entire thing for me! How great is that? But she goes to bed earlier than me, gets up earlier than me, wants to live in a different dorm than me, and listens to much more Ke$ha than me. So I’ll room with Future Roommate, and it’s really no big deal.

The only thing that could potentially be stressful is room draw itself. It’s a complicated process at my school. Everyone is assigned a random number. The rising seniors go first, from the lowest numbered roommate pair to the highest. The juniors go next, etc., and the incoming freshmen get whatever is left. This year, a guy in my class got number one, but he still didn’t get an absolutely fantastic room because we were the second from last to choose—make sense? The problem was that they reserved too many rooms for the incoming class, so about a third of my class happens to be homeless at the moment. Bummer. They’ll fix that later. In the meantime, I’ll just be grateful that Future Roommate and I got an enormous room in a decent dorm that is pretty strategically placed on campus, and that I get along really well with the SA. The only potential flaw: it's in a basement that only has 7 other people living in it.

Ginger’s Song of the Week: There’s a good chance you have already heard of Florence + the Machine (via Glee, the Grammys, having good taste in music, etc). This is my favorite performance of my favorite song by them. She’s just too darn cute when she sings about domestic abuse!

Have you chosen your dorm yet?

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