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Faye's Quest for a Prom Date: The Winner!

Faye's Quest for a Prom Date: The Winner!

The votes are in. The die has been cast. All bets are on the table. FAYE HAZ A DRESS, PEOPLEZ!

Drum-roll, please.

Are you ready for this?

We don't think you're ready. Go bake us a batch of cookies while you get ready.

Are you back with cookies? Good. We can tell you now.

The winner, by an overwhelming majority, is lovely dress  NUMBER 12. That's right, Sparklers, Faye will retrieve her stunning, Sparkler-approved ball gown from Diane & Co. this afternoon. Then she, dressed in this marvelous piece of beauty, and her handsome date (whoever he may be) will arrive at prom and become The Party. This is fact.

What do you think of the winner? We think it's TO DIE FOR. Great choice, Sparkleheads!

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