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Vocab Word of the Day!

Vocab Word of the Day!

EPIC VOCAB SHOUT-OUTS from yesterday's post go to:

dream.catcher73223: Harry Potter was exuberant when he found out that Snape had passed on to the next dimension (the 11th dimension) and jumped for joy jollily while jestily joking at Malfoy, who was whimpering and wallowing on his weak legs while whispering incantations designed to whip Snape back to life.

rainfire113: I notice that my fellow Sparklers tend to be very exuberant with their Harry Potter references in these vocab sentences; this behavior is to be lauded, however, and should continue forevermore.

SarahBellum37: Upon winning an epic foam sword fight against the rabid squirrels who live in my back yard, I came inside and sat down at my dearly beloved computer. I pulled up SparkLife and saw that Holding On: Chapter 5 had been posted. There was much exuberance, and rejoicing.

True Story.

TheShortNinja: Today, I was told I am exuberant in a melancholy way. I am still confused.

True Story.

AwesomePossum214: Voldemort was exuberant when it was announced he would have a dance solo.

River_Otter: Rudolphus was anything but exuberant when he found out his wife, Bellatrix, was in love with Voldemort. It's rather hard to admit your wife is infautated with your mentally unstable boss.

Today's word: Innocuous

Definition: Harmless, inoffensive; not likely to irritate or offend

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