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Sparkler Style: Takin' Fashion to the Max(i)!

Sparkler Style: Takin' Fashion to the Max(i)!

{Insert_Witty_Username_Here} is a fashionista with undeniably quirky taste, and we love that her bold style choices make her stand out from the crowd!—Sparkitors

I’m in middle school. This means almost all my peers wear some variation of jeggings/uggs/Abercrombie shirts. I, however, don’t quite fit that mold. My fashionation (see what I did there?) began in fourth grade, and since then, I’ve worn things no girl has worn before.

I’m talking Doc Martens and neon houndstooth tights and tutus and sixties silk caftans. I’ve been the only girl with a denim jacket, the only girl who wore my parents’ clothes, the only girl who made her own paint-splatter denim cutoffs. Honestly, I like it that way. But coupled with my insecurity and lack of social skills, middle school started to get weird. That was when I started wearing stuff from more mainstream stores like Delia’s and American Eagle. Then, maxi skirts happened—long, flowy, boho skirts were all over the runways and across the pages of Teen Vogue. Suddenly, I was dying to wear one. Long skirts are weird, I told myself. You’ll be the only one wearing one. You’ll get strange looks and everyone will comment on how “interesting” it is. Well, Sparklers, I’m proud to tell you I put on my Confidence Pants and donned a…skirt. A long, blousy, vintage skirt that made running and twirling and skipping infinitely more fun, that got me compliments aplenty at school, and that cost absolutely nothing since it was my mom’s (circa 1980). So I leave with this PSA, Sparklers—if you want to wear something out of the ordinary (patterned tights, blue hair, black lipstick, etc.) go for it. It’s a heck of a lot more fun than anything else.

WORD. We love this post! Maxi skirts for everybody!

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