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The Pros of Having Older Siblings

The Pros of Having Older Siblings

Starkidette has figured out how to use her older sibling to her advantage. Thatta way, champ!–Sparkitors

Part of being a kid is relentlessly groaning about how much you hate your sibling—it doesn’t matter if you actually like them, you complain either way, because us younger siblings usually get the short end of the straw. It’s pretty much the law. Want proof? When we were younger, my brother tricked me into eating dirt by saying it was chocolate. He also told me that mannequins came alive at night and roamed the store. But even though we fight—A LOT—by some miracle of nature, my brother and I have become friends, and I've finally realized that there are some benefits to having an older sibling.

Benefit 1: Cute friends. I’ll admit it; I’m socially awkward. My brother is not. If he’s the social butterfly, I’m the social dung beetle. It’s not that I’m not hilarious and awesome (I totally am), my sense of humor is just… a little different from most people. That’s where my brother comes in. All the kids in my grade think he’s amazing. His sophomore friends are awesome, and he even has senior friends. Cute, yummy senior friends—who all think he’s the greatest kid ever, and that I’m positively adorable. Who says I’m not popular?!

Benefit 2: Inside advice. Since he’s only a year older than me, he’s got the lowdown on everything I need to know. And if he doesn’t have it, then his friends do. That’s how I know to avoid hairy, scary Mr. E in the hallways, that’s how I understand the inside jokes of the upperclassmen, and that’s how I know to never, ever forget my flute, or Mr. W will eat me alive.

Benefit 3: A partner in crime. No one’s better at covering up a disaster than my brother. He can get my parents to completely forget about the bright orange stain in the carpet. He can convince them to let us go to the cuh-razy band parties after football games. He can even persuade them to let me go to a movie, because honestly, 11 PM is not THAT late. And all I have to do is sit there and look cute.

Benefit 4: Someone to talk to. This comes in handy during super long car rides, or at those awkward work dinners, where he and I are the only kids present. As my parents mingle with their doctor friends, I literally spend the whole entire time gossiping about people at our school with him.

Benefit 5: Protectiveness. Now that I've entered high school, I realize that I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m literally such a freshman. So while he may make fun of me constantly, he’s got the digits of every boy who comes near me. And while I pretend to be annoyed, let’s face it: I love it. Plus, with all his friends, it’s like I have even more brothers—and older sisters too! I used to dream about sharing clothes, about getting advice on everything from makeup to boys. Guess what? I’m wearing Sara’s jeans and Julia already has a plan of action for me and my crush.

Oh, uh, did I mention cute friends? Keith just nodded at me! *swoon*

Having an older brother sounds awesome! Do you get along with you sibs?

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