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Vocab Word of the Day!

Vocab Word of the Day!

EPIC VOCAB SHOUT-OUTS from Friday's post go to:

Sparky007xxx69420666: I have an insatiable appetite for pizza, ice cream, ramen, kool aid, and SparkLife.

as396: I have an insatiable desire for my overly loquacious and unnecessarily extenuated sentence, which is teeming with words that make Chelsea Dagger very sudorific due to their magnificence, to be one of the Epic Vocab Shoutouts, because I'm just supermegafoxyawesomehot like that.

Little-Five: Voldemort's need to kill "the Boy who Lived" was insatiable; he just wouldn't give up, no matter how many times Harry kicked his butt.

Today's word: Effrontery

Definition: Shameless or impudent boldness; barefaced audacity; an act or instance of this

Post your best sentece in the comments!

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