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Flyergirl13 Tells You How—To Ace Any Test

Flyergirl13 Tells You How—To Ace Any Test

This post applies to everyone—even if you're dropping out of school right this very moment. Why? Because life is a test, and with my advice, you'll pass it with flying colors. Interested?

That question was a test. If you said yes, you passed. See how easy acing tests is?

Situation One: School Test. This is pretty straightforward. You answer questions. You then receive a percentage and a letter grade.  Simple, right?

DO: Study. Yep. That's pretty much it. Study and you will win. If you don't win, you didn't study the right stuff or long enough.

DON'T: Purposely fail. If you study really hard then draw hand turkeys on your test, you are not allowed to shove the test in my face saying, "See?  I studied, and I still failed!  You're wrong!" That would make me angry and more likely to smite you.

Situation Two: Personality Quizzes. You know those quizzes in magazines or on Facebook, like "Which animal are you?" or "Are you related to Ron Weasley?"  Believe it or not, these quizzes have right and wrong answers. Here's a sample question:

A stranger asks to borrow your phone. You:
A. Say yes
B. Punch him in the throat
C. Agree, but type in the numbers for him and hover while he uses it

DO: Consider all answers, and try to chose the one that seems most socially acceptable.

DON'T: Punch strangers in the throat.

Situation Three: The Test of Life. "All of life is a test, all the men and women merely test-takers"—William Shakespeare

Clearly, my good friend Willy is onto something. Life is one big test. Like, RIGHT NOW, you are taking a test. Weird, huh? That's life for ya.

DO: Clearly, the best way to ace the test of life is to live. Also, be nice to people, even if they chew obnoxiously.

DON'T: Light too much stuff on fire. And try not to rob any banks.

Now go forth, young Padawan, and ace your life. May the Flyergirl force be with you...

Do you feel prepared to ace every single test ever now?

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