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Vocab Word of the Day

Vocab Word of the Day

We sure hope you guys had a relaxing weekend, because the fun is OVER: it's Monday, and it's time to SUFFER. It's a gloomy, sleepy day here in NY, and Chelsea Dagger has relinquished all hope that she'll ever be happy again—and since misery lurves company, she thinks you should join her mopey one-man gang. And what better way to mope than by learning vocabulary, right? RIGHT. We'll give you your new word in just a second, but first, here are the EPIC VOCAB SHOUT-OUTS for Friday's cleverest sentences:

Maura44: While most people refer to an uncomfortable situation as having "an elephant in the room," I am so awkward that I require a behemoth.

maidmarian05: Mr. Harry Freaking Potter has fought against many fearsome behemoths, including a dragon, a basilisk, and a gigantic spider. No worries though, he has survived it all because he is undeniably awesome, just like Chelsea Dagger.

Sarahlynn003: The Friday Awards were once behemoth, powerful enough to make even the Sparkler with the largest confidence pants tremble in anticipation. That is, until the onflow of sparklers wishing to become winners of the revered award became a behemoth task for the Sparkitors, and so the awsomesauce Friday Awards were cancelled, leaving a gapping hole between Auntie's posts and blogging twilight.

sgtpepper191: The SparkNotes editors are giants of the online literary world; true behemoths of wit and wisdom.
Also, I am a behemoth of a suck-up.

grace_return7: Chelsea Dagger: a behemoth of a human being who sweats the equivalent of every racehorse contained at Churchill Downs.

Today's Word: effulgent

Definition: shining forth brilliantly; radiant

NOTE: To answer ~too~'s question: Cute Thing is DONE-ZO. If you need a fuzzy animal fix, click here.

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