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(Fill-in-the-Blank) Confidence Pants Mantras

(Fill-in-the-Blank) Confidence Pants Mantras

Confidence pants go on one leg at a time, just like all the other pants, but squeezing into them is much easier when you have a highly specific confidence mantra. Just copy, paste, fill in the blanks below and give a few a spin. Once you find the right one, begin whispering it to yourself and don't stop till you feel invincible. You’ll never be caught with your confidence pants down again.

1. Extremely positive adjective
2. Extremely positive noun
3. Extremely positive noun
4. Extremely positive adjective
5. Choose: chips or a pickle
6. Variety of flower or bird
7. Your favorite emotion
8. Extremely positive noun
9. Extremely positive adjective
10. Plural of your gender
11. Plural of the gender(s) you're attracted to
12. Pretty insect
13. Stinging insect
14. Cold thing
15. Intimidating noun

I am the bomb dot com slash 1._______ underscore 2._______.

I am a 3._______ sandwich with extra 4._______,  plus 5._______.

I am a beautiful 6._______ that smells of 7._______.

I am a silver platter of 8._______-stuffed tortellini served piping hot with a generous slathering of 9._______sauce.

All the 10._______ want to be me, all the 11._______ want to be with me.

Float like a 12._______, sting like a 13._______.

I have no fear. I am cool as a 14._______.  My middle name is 15._______.

What’s your new confidence mantra?

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