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Confidence Pants Stories: Anything But Average

Confidence Pants Stories: Anything But Average

Kayla always settled for average—until she put on her confidence pants and decided to chase a new dream!—Sparkitors

Once upon a time... Isn't that how all the great fairy tales start?  Just kidding, this is totally not a fairy tale. This is a story about me, and it's a very average story. Not great, not romantic, not adventuresome in the least. But there is an important confidence pants lesson to be learned from it nevertheless.

Okay:  Once upon a time there was this average girl named Kayla. (Yes, I even have an average name.) She decided her sophmore year of high school that she was going to be a teacher. She was going to be a third grade teacher, and live in a small town with her future dog. Maybe she would even find a husband one day and have her perfect 2.5 children.  She wanted nothing but the most average of lives.

You may be asking, "Why the heck is this Kayla girl so average? CHEESE AND RICE! She needs to be at least a little bit crazy!"  Well, the problem is: Kayla is not average. At all. Kayla is the least average person that you'll ever meet. Not only is she insane, but her hobbies include playing guitar and ukulele, crocheting, dancing around campus, and coloring from her favorite precious moments coloring book. And her favorite hobby is finding cute boys on her college campus!

Her childhood was anything but average.  t the age of two, her parents became foster parents and as a family they've had over 30 kids in and out of thier home. (Talk about crazy...) Her adopted brother has special needs, and her adopted sister has been to juvie and has been hospitalized for contemplating suicide. She's lived in a city and has seen the damage firsthand that drugs have done to adults and teenagers.

Kayla wanted to get away from her crazy life and family, and teaching at a small school became her average dream. Kayla loved sharing about her past and how it helped her grow in such amazing ways. Kayla loved talking about foster care to people, and sharing stories of the many people who were involved in her life and how they shaped her. She joined ministries that had outreach programs for drug addicted people, and she loved it. She went to the local nursing homes and sang hymns to the people there on the weekend. She was intrigued by social work, but she saw the hard parts of it too: the emotions that the social workers had to go through, the baggage that they were forced to carry.  Kayla decided she couldn't handle that, and kept on "dreaming" about her perfect future life.

But the problem is: Kayla was passionate about PEOPLE. Not education. (Although education is very important!  Stay in school, kids!) During the first semester of her freshman year (of college) Kayla wrote 3 papers on orphans, did 2 papers on foster care, and did a speech about the lack of social workers in the sub-sarharan region in Africa. Obviously, her heart and her head were in different places.  But, she convinced herself that her dream was to have a classroom and become a teacher.

This very morning ( the last fourth of the second semester of her freshman year),  Kayla woke up with the overwhelming feeling that she was not supposed to be a teacher.

"Teaching is my dream" she thought, shoving the doubts out of her mind.

However, she couldn't shake the feeling that she was making a huge mistake.  She thought about it, and realized that being a teacher just wasn't right. She was being pulled towards social work.

But Kayla was scared. She had taken a few Ed classes that she knew wouldn't transfer.  She couldn't pull herself to change her major.

"God," she prayed, "if you really want me to go into social work, I need a sign of some sort to show me that I can pull off changing my major."

She checked to see if there was anything new going on at SparkLife before bed.

And she saw that it was Confidence Pants Week.

Tomorrow Kayla is going to march up to the registrar and change her major, fearless and confident in herself.

HOORAH! We're so happy that Confidence Pants Week helped encourage you to pursue your new, anything-but-average dream!

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