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We Want To Know What's In Your Backpack. (And Yes, We Realize That Sounds Creepy.)

We Want To Know What's In Your Backpack. (And Yes, We Realize That Sounds Creepy.)

We don't have to tell you guys that Chelsea Dagger is one hip cat. Oh yes, compadres; she knows what is UP. She is well aware of the low-down, the puff-diggity, and the word on the street—of that you can be sure. But when it comes to school supplies, she is hopelessly out of the loop; she still keeps a Hannah Montana protractor in her shirt pocket, for Bergstein's sake. Do people even still HAVE shirt pockets? The whole thing is positively SHAMEFUL.

Long story short, we need your help. We're desperate to know every last detail about the stuff you schlep to school—we want the inside scoop on the unseen interior of your grimy, peanut-butter-scented messenger bags. Are you an aficionado of the mechanical pencil, or is it all about the gel pen? Do you rock a 3-ring binder and consider it sacrilege to use wide-ruled paper? Are there certain brands that guarantee Lit class status, and others that will doom you to spend AP Spanish as a pariah? Do you DOODLE on your notebook covers? We want to know EVERYTHING; spare no dirty detail. And if you want to send a pic of your suppliez stockpile, the Dags (and her shirt pockets) would be forever in your debt.

So what are you waiting for? COMMENCE COMMENTING.

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