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The Gunk on Your Face, Part Hotness (AKA The Prom Makeups, More Questions Answered)

The Gunk on Your Face, Part Hotness (AKA The Prom Makeups, More Questions Answered)

You gentlemanly fellas keep thinking up epic makeup questions in response to this tutorial and follow-up, including stumpers like, "How do I do my makeups if I don't have a face?" and "How do you make eyeliner out of coconut water and pigeon phlegm?"

Well, it's a good thing I know everything. Here are my answers to your questions, plus a Sparkitor-requested list of my favorite makeups products!

Q: I have a question, my mom recently read somewhere that teens don't need to wear eyeliner as it's too "dark" a look and that mascara is just fine for day time and I should wear eyeliner only at night. This true? I don't OD on eyeliner but wear brown w/lots of mascara since I have tiny eyes.

A: Just mascara is fine for day. And so is NO makeups, and so is BUTTLOADS of makeups, and so is a giant face sticker that says, "You're not worth the time it takes to put on the makeups." What I'm saying is, it's a personal choice (or a personal + mom choice, as the case may be). The real question is: How do you want to look? Do you feel more confident and comfortable with a tasteful, not-too-thick-and-nightclubby brown line on top of your eyeball? If so, that's fine (as long as your mom's okay with it).

Q: I'm 15 and the veins under my eyes are really noticeable. It's really dark and my yellow cover-up stick (that says will fix dark circles) and foundation doesn't help much. What can fix it?

A: Sounds like you need a new concealer—a liquid one.

HOLY CRUDPANTS. I was just gonna tell you guys about how the best concealer in the world, Prescriptives Camouflage Cream, is no longer available because they went out of bizzzznasty or something, but it's BACK. I can't believe it!!!!

Also, this might be something to bring up with a dermatologist. I haven't tried products that claim to reduce the appearance of face-veins (I have that natural "just got punched in the face" look, which is more all-over black and blue than vein-y), but your dermadoc might be able to help with this.

Q: What if you're Asian? That's a whole different ball game. Add the fact that the majority of us have single eyelids, and...KABOOM. Seems reeeeally complicated. ):

Q: I have a dilemma. I am Asian AND I look younger than I am... What should I do?

A: I'm only .00003 percent Asian, which means I can hold chopsticks without going into cardiac arrest... and that's pretty much it. But check out this girl's absurdly beautiful eyeballs. Best part? You don't have to be super precise when applying your liquid eyeliner!

Also, do you know makeup artist Michelle Phan? She's duhmazing and I love her. I mean, I don't know her personally. *giggles* Yes, it would be awesome if I knew her. *buries head in pillow* Maybe one day? At a makeups convention? *muffles scream with pillow, flails limbs*

Erm. LIPSTICK. Lipstick (that isn't bubble gum pink) will make you look older. Don't belie-heeheeheeeeve me???!?!

Q: So I have a question I want to wear lipstick or gloss or whatever but I'm kinda afraid it will like come off on my boyfriend if I was to kiss him. And I may like red lips but I'm pretty sure he doesn't want them. So is there anyway to prevent that?

A: Yes—dump your boyfriend.

In ull sereeuzness Sparkler, their ain't nothin' you can do but tell him he's lucky your leaving your mark with a kiss, and not peeing on his leg. That should put things into perspective. Or you could get a lip tattoo. Yep, that's a thing.

Q: And another question, I got thin straight hair that will not hold a curl no matter there anyway to get a curl to stay in at all?

A: Sparkler, I dun do hair. Unless you want advice from a girl who spent her college years with FAKE DREADLOCK EXTENSIONS, as well as a slew of other severely misguided hairstyles (waist-long purple extensions, anyone?), you should probs get thee to the YouTubery.

Q: I have a question tho, how do you do sexy eyes but for everyday school? I go to a school where not a lot of girls where noticeable makeup. I want sexy catty eyes tho. Any suggestions?

A: Actually, yes. First off, stick with brown liner instead of black. Second eliminate all dramatic riff raff except the wing on the outside of your eye. That's the part that makes a cat eye all meow-worthy and stuff. Here, I erased all the parts you don't need below:

Q: Quick question. I do my makeup in the morning, and I use both a liquid concealer and a powder, respectively. After an hour or so, my face looks greasy, like I never did my makeup in the first place. Any tips on how to make it last longer? Because I hate how when I replace it, my skin looks a little dry.

A: You should probably get a new foundation and/or concealer—one that's made for teens, and meant to last all day. Don't be shy about telling the gal at the makeups counter that you've got a delicious case of the greasies. I recommend trying the brand Clinique, or pop for a Prescriptives Custom Blend foundation that's formulated to handle your specific face parts. In the meantime, bring moisturizer to school and put it on before re-doing your makeup. You should always moisturize before doing makeup, anyway.

Q: I was always taught to put on eyeliner (on the bottom) on the inside, above the eye lashes. And you're telling me that that's not right!? What am I going to do? Pretty sure my whole makeup life has been flipped upside down!

A: No one's going to eat you alive for putting liner there. On the other hand, why force the borderline of your eyeball to be inside your eye? It makes your eye look smaller. Just try it my way one time, and if you hate it, I'll buy you a pony.

(This just in: It appears I cannot afford a pony.)

Q: QUESTION! I have very light skin and blondish/white eyebrows. I've tried eyebrow pencils, but I think I'm doing it wrong. How do I make them look good and not like my little sister drew on me while I was asleep?

A: Sounds like you need a lighter brow brush. Don't go for all-out brown; try something like an ash blond brow liner to add a little bit of darkness to the color you have. If this doesn't work, you might just need a different brand—and have someone at a makeup counter or Sephora try several different brow liners on ya. Alternatively, you could commit to hipster bangs, and never have to worry about your eyebrows again!

And now, my favorite makeups! (Some are expensive. Put 'em on your bday list!)


Fresh Liquid Umbrian Clay Foundation (What I'm using now. And it's Paraben-free!)

Nars (Sheer Matte foundation—I'd never get shimmery because it makes me look like a slimy grease goblin)

Origins (Good price, very smooth. I love the liquids and powders.)

Cheap Pick: L'Oreal True Match

Concealer: Prescriptives, see above!

Mascara: Lancome Definicils

Cheap Pick: Maybelline Great Lash


Bobbi Brown cream blush

Trish McEvoy powder blush

Clinique powder blush

Cheap Pick: Sephora Brand powder blush


Stila Mineral Bronzing Powder

Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder

Origins Sunny Disposition


Clinique's Touch Base For Eyes goes on before powder shadow and makes shadow pop more and last longer

Makeup Forever powder (nice whites and matte bases)

Dior powder (some really unique, classy colors)

Lancome powder (they have some amazing shimmery colors, and it stays on long!)

MAC powder (bold!)

Trish McEvoy Powder (Lilac is so pretty as a base!)

Eyeliner: Tackled in the last post

Loose Powder to set makeup: Prescriptives Magic

Lip Liners: I've never actually used a bad lip liner. I've liked Trish McEvoy pencils, OPI crayons, Sephora pencils, Lancome Crayons, Clinique crayons and probably a million others. If I were you, I'd go for the cheapest one.

Lipsticks and glosses:

Clinique lipstick and gloss

Origins Lipstick (ask about the shades that make your lips tingle. Not kidding.)

Chanel lip gloss (the colors are so deep, it'll look like shiny lipstick)

Cheap Pick: Sephora lip gloss


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