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You Know You're From Cleveland, Ohio, When...

You Know You're From Cleveland, Ohio, When...

Ney_Ney92, you've got us convinced! Cleveland must rock! —Sparkitors

Cleveland, Ohio, is often called The Mistake by the Lake. True, we're not perfect (just check out our sports teams), but I have lived in a suburb of Cleveland my entire life and am only about 20 minutes from downtown. And despite my parents cursing our ancestors for bringing us here, I have no intention of moving. I know I'm from Cleveland. How do YOU know you're from Cleveland? Well, you know you're from Cleveland when...

  • "LeBron James" is a swear world. Instead of saying, *!@#$% when you drop a hammer on your foot, you say "LeBron James!" Oops! I mean, L*!@#$ J%^&*
  • You occasionally hang out in the local grocery store. My grocery store is continuously filled with people who just...stay there. Let's just say there's not much else to do around here.
  • You are not ashamed that the Cleveland Clinic is one of the biggest landmarks around here. And you know that our most famous patients include Robin Williams, Charles, Prince of Wales, Oprah Winfrey, and Scott Hamilton.
  • You cheer tirelessly for our local sports teams (the Cavs in basketball, Indians in baseball, and the Browns in football), despite their tendency to lose. A lot.
  • Oh, and you also hate Pittsburgh. A lot.
  • You have no idea who sings "New York State of Mind," but you know all the lyrics to the parody "Parma State of Mind."
  • It's completely normal for it to be 55 degrees on Monday and blizzarding on Wednesday.
  • You know all the words to "Cleveland Rocks." Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks, Cleve-land rocks! You also know that it's the theme song for the Drew Carey Show.
  • You know the precise location of the bar where many segments of the Drew Carey Show were filmed, because, yes, Carey is from Cleveland.
  • You are well aware of our rock history: Bruce Springsteen got his break here, Christmas rock group Trans-Siberian Orchestra was broken here, and the term "rock 'n roll" was coined here in the '50s.
  • It really makes you angry and confused that, while the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame (Rock Hall), is, in fact, in Cleveland, the ceremony for the new inductees is held in New York City. Every year.

And that's Cleveland in 11 bullets. If you stop by this summer, filming for upcoming movie The Avengers is taking place downtown. While you're here, you can stop by the house where most of A Christmas Story was filmed. You know what? Cleveland DOES rock!

Anybody else here think Cleveland rocks?!

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