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You Know You're From Oklahoma City When...

You Know You're From Oklahoma City When...

carolineg2014, now we're curious: What is "Loud City?" —Sparkitors

You know you're truly from Oklahoma City when...

  • You measure distance in minutes, not miles.
  • The only two airports in the area are named after men who died in plane crashes, and this doesn't bother you.
  • It's Coke. All of it. Not soda, not pop. Coke.
  • You can read the weather radar like you can read a book. Advanced meteorology terms are part of your everyday vocabulary.
  • You know that The Village, Warr Acres, Nichols Hills, Bethany, and Edmond are all separate "cities" inside of greater Oklahoma City, with different colored street signs and their own separate tornado sirens.
  • You can recognize which sirens are going off based on pitch, volume, and whether or not they spin around.
  • You refuse to call The National Cowboy And Western Heritage Museum and Science Museum Oklahoma by their official, new names. It's "The Cowboy Hall of Fame" and "The Omniplex."
  • OU vs. OSU and OU vs. Texas are holidays.
  • Almost everything is owned or sponsored by an energy company, usually Chesapeake or Devon.
  • You've never been to a Dairy Queen, except on a road trip. Braum's drove them out of the state.
  • You call the weathermen by their first names—Gary, Rick, Mike, and Jed. The buck stops at Gary. Always.
  • You've been burned by your car handle, seatbelt buckle, and/or leather car seat.
  • You know that "PC West," "PCO," "PC North," "Santa Fe," "Deer Creek," "McGuiness," and "North" are all high schools, and you know where they are.
  • 3 out of 4 people you know are card-carrying members of a Native American tribe.
  • You know what "Loud City" is.

Any other Sparklers from Oklahoma City?

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