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Flyergirl Tells You How—To Have an Awesome Ski Trip

Flyergirl Tells You How—To Have an Awesome Ski Trip

flyergirl13 conquered the Vermontian mountains with only her wit, her resourcefulness, and some Taio Cruz.—Sparkitors

I went on a Girl Scout ski trip this weekend, and it was freakin' awesome. We had a great time, and since I'm now an expert on skis and trips and tripping in skis, I can teach you how to make the most out of a ski trip, even if you don't ski. Or snowboard. Even if you live in a tropical jungle. You can still have a blast.

We went to Mt. Snow, in Vermont, which is a trapezoid-shaped state famous for maple syrup. They also have a lot of mountains. That's all I really know, which is pretty pathetic considering that I live in a state right next to it. We stayed in a "Scout House" right near the edge of the trapezoid. It's a camp that boy or girl scout troops can rent. It has like 150 acres of land, a pond, a game room, and like 10 bedrooms. My two GS buddies and I slept in one room. The "jiblets" (our name for the younger siblings/other younger kids) slept in a room nearby. The adults decided to sleep on the complete opposite side of the house.  And that is the background for an epic ski trip. Read on!

Step One: Play Music. This is important, and can be fantastic.

DO: Blast Cha Cha Slide and Cotton Eye Joe. Once the jiblets join in, you have a full-fledged dance party. Especially since we had the extended version of the Cha Cha Slide.

DON'T: Forget to hide the cameras beforehand. It's all fun and awesome until your troop leader pulls out a video camera and starts taping you attempting the Charlie Brown.

Step Two: Play Games. It rained on Sunday, so we were stuck at the house. The game room contains a ping-pong table and pool table, which has only 13 balls. These get pretty boring after a while.

DO: Get creative! Invent a new game, "Ping-Dodge," which is similar to Ping-Pong except the goal is to whack the other player(s) with the ping-pong ball.

DON'T: Get a little too into the game and start chucking the paddles as well. Also don't break a pool stick over your knee.

Step Three: Play Outdoor Games. When the adults want a little peace and quiet, it's time to go outdoors...

DO: Play capture the flag. It's the most standard game in the book, but it can awesomeness if you really get into it. Which we did, obviously.

DON'T: Let a large wooden post fall on your sister.  Unfortunately, I'm speaking from experience here...

Step Four: Actually Ski. You know, the whole point of the trip, right? Yeah, we did actually do some skiing. We also made it a bit more epic.

DO: Ski downhill with your poles straight up, yelling/singing "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes...!"  See if you can get others to join in.

DON'T: Forget to look where you're going. Disastrous results can follow.

Do you love to ski? Do you even know what a ski is?

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