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Unwhole: Chapter 17

Unwhole: Chapter 17

Last time we left off, Kevin had just killed vampire-demon Teresa, and Caleb was running to the castle to save Dee. What's going to happen next in Darklite808's book?! -- Sparkitors

Dee was lying on the ground, motionless, her eyes closed, and her face starch white; a pool of blood surrounded her body. Caleb was in too much shock to cry. He roughly pushed everyone out of his way and ran to her. With a loud thud, he fell to his knees. Katie silently stood beside him. People moved away to give them room.

Kevin! Caleb was sure he had lured Dee here and then killed her.

“Is she okay?” Katie’s broken voice lead his gaze to her. Her face was worried, her fingers feeling for De’s pulse.

He noticed his teardrops fall from his cheek onto Dee’s hand. Her body was rigid. That wasn’t normal. Her body couldn’t have frozen that quickly.

“Dee!!!!!” He shouted so loud his voice seemed to echo for miles. He was sobbing, bending over her, trying to protect her from the eyes of the wolves. He desperately pressed his lips against hers, feeling his tears wet her soft lips. He caressed her hair and touched her cheek. She felt as if they had left her in a freezer.

Something was going on.

Suddenly an old lady came running toward them. She stopped when she saw Dee. Her eyes flew open and her mouth formed a rigid line. Caleb wrapped his arms around Dee. Who was this old lady?

“Sweets!” She whispered, as if she couldn’t believe it. She fell on her knees and grabbed Dee’s hand. Caleb didn’t stop her. “Oh, sweets, you can’t leave me too!” She wailed, a horrible retched sound.

Katie turned away suddenly and Caleb could see her throwing up. He also noticed her fingering a bright yellow necklace around her throat. Wait a second… he had seen that necklace before. But where?

“Listen,” he said, taking a shaky breath. The old woman and Katie looked up. “I need you to take her to a house and lay her on a bed. Keep her away from the sun. Don’t disturb her. She may not be… dead.” He wiped away the tears on his sleeve. “I’m going in to see what's going on.” With one last longing look at Dee, he turned and ran up the stairs, fresh anger radiating up his palms as his face darkened. He would make Kevin regret the day he had messed with Dee.

Caleb expected guards to jump at him when he pushed the large doors open; he almost wanted to be challenged so he could let out his anger... but no one came. The halls were dark and quiet. There wasn’t a soul in sight.

He recognized the hallway where he and De had stayed the night after guards had beaten them up. One room didn’t have a door. There was black ink around the floor. Cautiously, Caleb walked towards it, power already alighting down his arms.

When he looked into the room all he saw was Kevin. The loser bent over another puddle of black ink. He had some of the Faery healing powder in his hand. How had he gotten ahold of that?

“What are you doing?” Caleb asked, aiming his hands at him.

Kevin jumped when he saw Caleb but froze under his stare. “Hello, Caleb.”

“Don’t ‘hello’ me. I’m going to kill you. Very slowly. But first I need answers.”

Kevin’s forehead creased confusingly. “What are you talking about? What’s the matter?”

To Caleb’s displeasure, tears were running down his cheeks. “Don’t act like an innocent angel! You can't kill someone and leave them outside and then pretend you have nothing to do with it!”

Kevin’s mouth dropped open. He was a good actor. Too bad he wouldn't live to fulfill his talent. Dark light zapped from Caleb’s palms, but Kevin jumped to the side quickly. The bed Kevin had been standing in front of was reduced to ashes.

“Caleb, please, stop it!” Kevin shouted. “I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t know what you’re talking about! Who is dead?”

Caleb gritted his teeth. He shot again, but missed by a long shot. He was shaking too much. “Oh, so you’re a very forgetful murderer? Check the top of your to-do list—her name is probably there.”

Kevin suddenly stopped and stared at Caleb. “Delilah?” he whispered the name.

“Dee. You killed her. Why? She didn’t do anything wrong!”

“I-I…” Kevin stammered, then suddenly lunged at Caleb, pushing him away from the door. Caleb was caught off guard as his body was hurled against the wall. Kevin soon followed, his body leaving a deep dent.

Suddenly the room began to shift and the degree seemed to drop. Caleb had to blink several times to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

The whole room was ice.

“Caleb?” Kevin’s voice was distant and shaky.

“Are you doing this?” Caleb asked, amazed.

“No. But tell me. Is it Delilah? Is Delilah dead?” His voice broke off.

Caleb swallowed. He was confused. Kevin sounded broken. He couldn’t have killed her. If he wanted to, he would’ve done it when they were in his hands. But he had saved them from the guards that day...

Caleb hated the answer he had to give Kevin. “Yes,” he whispered.

There was a sudden crash and a piercing howl. Caleb looked at Kevin. His fists bore two holes into the ice-wall and blood dripped down his forehead.

“You can get her back, right?” Kevin turned to Caleb, his eyes red and crazy.

“Is this normal?” Caleb asked instead of answering, his hand waving around the room. The door was now a thick wall of ice. They were trapped inside.

Kevin shook his head. “No, this is obviously a Faery spell. I thought you did it.”

“No…” Caleb whispered. A Faery spell. A Faery was here… Delilah was hit by a curse. The same day he had come...

“Shoot!” he shouted suddenly, his voice echoing across the walls.

“What?” Kevin turned to face Caleb.

“Galier! That traitor…” Caleb whispered, ignoring Kevin. He walked to the ice wall that was supposed to be the door, and placed a hand on it. Kevin heard a low hissing sound as the ice melted to the ground.

Without bothering to acknowledge Kevin, Caleb ran out.

He couldn’t hear Kevin. The only think he could hear was Dee. She seemed to be calling to him. He could hear her voice, strained, yet small and soft. One sentence repeated over and over in his head:

I love you, Caleb.

He tried to push down the new tears blurring his vision. He had to concentrate. Galier was a traitor. He had come here and put a curse on Dee. A strong curse. And Caleb didn’t know how long it had been placed on her. He didn’t know why, either. But he did know this: he had to find Galier. This was all his fault. He would find Galier and kill him. Yes, kill him for hurting Dee. The goal burned into his heart.

But something still didn't fit into this mess.

“Caleb!” Kevin called to him from behind. Caleb didn’t respond, but slowed down his pace because he didn’t know where he was.

Kevin caught up, panting slightly. “Caleb, we have to talk. You don’t know what’s going on. You have to listen to me.”

Caleb glared at him. “Says who?” he asked angrily, then turned to walk down a new hallway. Where was the exit?!

“Caleb, I can help you get out of this place and tell you what’s happening. But you have to promise me to help Delilah in any way possible.”

Caleb was suddenly in front of Kevin, his hands clamped around Kevin’s throat. “You don’t tell me what I need to do,” he hissed, slowly, to make sure Kevin caught every word. “You don’t tell me what I need to do about Dee because I have known her since we were kids and I grew up with her and I will stay with her until I die and protect her from jerks like you.” He released his grip and backed away.

Kevin was staring at Caleb. “You want to get out of here?” he asked, his voice calm and cool like Caleb hadn't said anything.

Caleb nodded, his eyes darting around, looking for Galier. He sighed and looked at Kevin. “C’mon,” he said, already walking forward. “Get me out of this godforsaken place.”

Kevin and Caleb teamed up! How long do you think that will last?

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