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What Are These "Steampunks" You Speak Of?

What Are These "Steampunks" You Speak Of?

Your Sparkitors are totally cool and hip. We are super duper "with it." We text message and everything! We've heard of Gossip Gal and Justin Baby. And we even know about steampunk. Don't believe us? Read our chat!

Chelsea: I went out with my publishing friends last night and one said the next huge thing in YA lit is “Steampunk.” DO WE EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT IS?

Emily: HOT, that’s what.
Everyone wears short skirts and goggles on their heads.

Chelsea: It looks like it’s about robots with slutty girlfriends.

Emma: So basically, fantasy novels for web developers.

Emily: Chelsea, start a column called SteamPunk’d about a slutty girl and a robot who play tricks on celebrities.

Sparklers, are we close? What is the steampunks? And do you like them? HELP US UNDERSTAND.

Update: We want to see you in your steampunk finery! Send pics to and maybe we'll write a post about you and you'll be internet famous!

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