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Unwhole: Chapter 16

Unwhole: Chapter 16

In Darklite808's last chapter, Delilah was cursed and thought she was dying. We're dying to know what happens next! —Sparkitors

Kevin raced down the hallways, his heart pounding in his chest. Where should he go?

Delilah’s words still rang in his ears: “Don’t stop or turn back until you’re sure you’re safe.”

He was sure now. He had to stop and think.

He paused behind a door and breathed deeply. Something had seemed odd since the minute his foot entered the building:

There was no one there. No one at all. No maids rushing with bedding, no butchers running with dogs, no girls bringing food into the kitchen. Not even the Alpha sitting on his high throne. It was like everyone had been evacuated.

Suddenly he heard high heels clicking his way. He bit his lip and scooted farther into the corner so the shadows swallowed him.

It was Teresa.

She was marvelously dressed in a white bridal gown, the long silvery dress leaving a trail of petals behind her. Half her chest squeezed out of the top of her gown and her lips stuck out as if she was trying to take something out of her teeth. Her eyes scanned around her.

Kevin swallowed nervously. She was exotic and breathtaking, but there was something weird about her. Not the special weird feeling he had around Delilah, but something else. Something secretive. And an evil aroma.

His mind wandered to Delilah. She was beautiful too—maybe more so than Teresa. She had a big heart, and that was what made her attractive. He hadn't been able to stand seeing Caleb with her that day. But she had come back. Without Caleb. And she kissed him. That had to mean she liked him, too. She would be his forever.

Something had come over him when they kissed. It hadn't been the feeling of her soft lips or her small, smooth body. No, it was something else. Like a rope tied around his heart was tugging his to hers. She held the rope and was pulling and pushing away at the same time.

Caleb… She was probably thinking about him.

“Who’s there?” Teresa’s sharp voice cut through the air and dragged Kevin back to reality. He noticed he was panting loudly. He calmed himself.

He held his breath as she turned his way. She lifted her head in the air and sniffed like a dog. Then she did something that almost made his heart stop.

She hissed, and he stared in horror as her once normal teeth seemed to stretch then curve downward like a bent pin. Venom dripped from their sharp points.

With her mouth open she began slowly walking towards where Kevin hid. In a flash, the beautiful gown and hair were gone, and in place was a monster. Her skin was dark black; Kevin could see nothing of her besides the yellow eyes and the wet fangs that were coming nearer and nearer to him. He held his breath and morphed silently into a wolf and crouched lower.

When she was three feet from him, he sprang up and howled. His nails scratched down the side of her face. The second he hit the floor he ran away as fast as he could.

He could hear her screaming like an animal. His nails were coated with thick purple liquid… her blood.

He couldn’t hear any footsteps behind him, so he took a chance to turn around and immediately regretted it.

She was right behind him. But she didn’t make any noise running because her feet weren’t touching the ground. She was floating, like a ghost.

Like a demon.

Her teeth were bulging out of her thick, black lips.

Like a vampire.

When he ran by one of the windows, he caught a glimpse of Delilah and purred when he saw her bravely beating two guards. Where was the third one? People were watching her from below. Kevin knew if she needed any help they would surely come in and help her. He had to get rid of this demon.

Finally he came upon a room and went inside, morphing back once he was behind the locked doors. He heard her strangled whine as she pounded onto the frame, trying to break through. But these doors were built to stop those kind of things, at least for a little while.

Kevin looked around. This was the room they had kept Delilah in after the guards had hurt her. He went over to the bed and noticed blood stains and… and heaps of powder. He reached down and grabbed a handful just as the door began to melt.

He watched in shock as the once-white wood softened into a black sponge, then liquid. Teresa floated in, still in demon form. When she saw Kevin, she froze.

Kevin remembered Delilah outside. Without thinking, he hurled the handful of the mysterious dust at Teresa. It sparked on her like fire. She gave out a blood-curdling scream as smoke rose from her body.

Kevin watched in grim triumph as she fell to the floor, quivering. No Demonic Vampire will marry me, he thought grimly, taking the rest of the dust and sprinkling it on her, he watched as it fell like snow on a dark stormy ocean. Then something caught his eye…

Beside the puddle that had been Teresa was the chain he had given Delilah that day.

Caleb trudged through the woods, fresh anger still bubbling inside of him. He knew where Delilah had gone, and he knew why. He wasn’t very happy with her. Not at all.

He was going to strangle that Kevin the first chance he got.

Caleb had found a traveling buddy who was more than pleased to go with him. He was actually very eager. His name was Galier. He was a good kid, blonde, kinda lanky, always wearing this weird gold medallion, but he was fit for the journey.

But today when Caleb had woken up, Galier was gone, just like that. Maybe he had chickened out and gone back home. Caleb didn’t think much about it. He had to get Delilah and find out what was going on.

And he had to tell her that he loved her.

When he entered the wolf city, the streets were surprisingly empty. There was no one around. He heard shouting in the distance, like people watching a game at a stadium, but didn’t bother to mix himself with wolves. He hadn't altered his appearance, and didn't want another run-in with the guards.

He went to the first house he saw and knocked rapidly. No one answered.

Just as he was about to turn to the next house, the door swung open and there stood a cute girl with short red hair and pale skin. She had large dark eyes that cautiously looked him up and down before giving him enough room to walk inside. He caught her scent as he went through the doorway—fresh, like dandelions. But something else, too, something familiar… Caleb shook away the thought.

The house was simple. The first thing that met him was an empty dining table. He turned to the girl, who stood by the door as if she was going to run out if he tried to do anything.

“What’s your name?” he asked calmly, sitting in one of the chairs to set her at ease. She took the hint and her muscles loosened, but her hand still rested on the doorknob.

“I’m… Katie,” She said. “Who are you?”

He knew there was no point in lying. “Caleb.”

“What do you want?”

“I need help. I’m new here.”

“There’s a warning out for Faery spies. Are you one of them?”

You could bet your life on it. “No, I assure you I am not.”

“Well, you don’t look like a wolf to me.” She cocked her head, her hair falling across her face.

“No, I don’t, because I’m not,” he replied tiredly, running a hand over his face.

Her grip tightened around the doorknob again, veins popping up her arm. “What are you then?” She tried to sound nonchalant, but wasn’t very good at it.

He stood up and walked over to her. She tensed and growled. But he only took her arm. “Don’t scream or be scared,” he said gently.

She didn’t answer. Her nostrils flared angrily, but he could see fear in her eyes.

“I’m a Faery.”

Katie bit her lip. Caleb knew she was frightened. He tried to pull her away from the door but she wouldn’t budge. Like a statue.

Finally she sighed and walked past him and fell on the couch. “Why do they keep coming to me?!” He noticed her arms began to shake when he looked at her. She was still scared of him.

Caleb sat opposite of her. “What do you mean ‘Why do they keep coming to me?’?”

Suddenly her name registered in his brain… Katie… Dee had talked about her! She was Dee's friend!

Katie watched Caleb’s face light up. “Why are you smiling?”

“You know Delilah?” he asked happily, resting back into the couch.

Katie pursed her lips. “Uh… of course I do. I did. I thought I did.”

“Please, you have  to forgive her. She didn’t even want to be a spy. You wouldn't believe all the good things she said about you. She really likes you.”

That seemed to soften Katie. She smiled somewhat sadly. “I wish I could see her again.”

Caleb took a sharp breath, his heart beating rapidly in his chest. “What?! What do you mean?”

She gave him a puzzled look. “Oh, she and Kevin went to the castle to stop something bad from happening. Who are you, anyway?” She got suspicious again.

Kevin… That idiot! He had to leave Dee alone! She was his, and only his. “I’m her friend,” he said distractedly, already heading towards the door.

“Wait!” She ran towards him, slipping a coat on. “I’m coming with you.”

“No, you’re not.”

“You don’t know the way,” she said and smirked.

Caleb sighed. “Fine. Lead me. But that’s all.” She walked past him and they were on their way.

“Why are there so many people there?” Caleb asked nervously as they neared the castle. He kept thinking that she’d morph and eat him up. He backed away.

She looked back and laughed. “Oh, come on, you’re scared?”

He felt his cheeks flush as he caught up with her. “Why are there so many people?” he asked again, irritated by her careless behavior.

“I don’t know.” Her eyebrows knit together in a worried expression. Then she bolted into a run. “It doesn’t sound good though. Hurry!” And he shot out after her.

Oh God please, he prayed, don’t let anything have happened to Dee.

But if there was a God, he sure didn’t like Caleb much.

Do you think the change of POV means Dee is really deeeeeead?!

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