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The Prom Makeups: Your Questions ANSWERED (or Conveniently Ignored)

The Prom Makeups: Your Questions ANSWERED (or Conveniently Ignored)

Welcome back to MAKEUPS SCHOOL, where the makeups are meticulous or the lights are turned low. This is a follow-up post to the medium-awesome prom makeups slideshow from earlier this week.

Q: Should nail polish match the dress, or is that too matchy-matchy, and you should just go with a complementary color?

A: Nail polish? Nayyyyyal polish? Nayyaeol? Pulllllllish?!??!?!?!

I'm not very good at nail stuff, Sparkler. I keep "softball nails," on my fingees, and when I get pedicures, I wear pirate patches on both eyes.

That said thar matey, I don't think it's possible to go too matchy matchy. If your dress is blue, blue nails are fine, I think! The only thing that might look gross is if you wear 20-inch fake nails. You'll rip your hose! You'll blind your date! You'll step on a piece of your own nail during Existential Rattlesnake's Nest, the hot new dance craze!

Does it make me sound like a dumpy old 20-something that I really like a simple French manicure? They make my chubby little snausage fingers look like elegant pink school buses.

Q: It may sound stupid, but when applying lipstick, do you always have to blot, or not? It's something I've always wondered.

A: Blot? Blooooot?! Blooooowwwwt?! JUST KIDDING. When you've used a lipstick a bunch of times and are used to its consistency, I think it's okay to stop blotting. I never do. By the way, this is my favorite lipstick/lip gloss hybrid (feel free to put lipstick underneath for a bolder look)!

Q: Pencil, liquid, or gel eyeliner?

A: I love them all! Here are a few of my favorites:

If you're just starting out and you're not ready for an uber dramatic look, stick to pencils, thin crayons, powders, or the blood of pigeons.

Q: The one thing that gets me is eyebrows...
I mean, I don't wanna do it wrong, but then I look like I've been running around the forest for 24 years.

A: Ack, eyebrows!

  • Waxing hurts a little
  • Threading hurts a LOT
  • Plucking hurts a tiny bit and requires near-daily maintenance

I have a low pain tolerance. Maybe others feel differently about this, but I think having your brows waxed (even in the basement of your local JC Penney—I'm serious!) is the best bet. Bring a few pictures of how you want your brows to look, and tell your girl not to overdo it. Tell her you want to look "natural," not "porny," if you can even say that word without laughing.

Q: I do have a couple of questions though. First, how do I make my eyes look bigger? And second, how do I make my face look less round?

Q: So I have a question: I am 15 but I look like I'm 13, it's ridiculous. How can I make myself look more sophisticated for Prom, without going overboard. I want to keep a more natural look. I am light skinned, with blueish-grey-green eyes, and dirty blonde hair. Help!

A: I'm double teaming you young-lookin' princesses. Remember my brown blush trick? Doooooo it. Applying some brown blush under your cheek bones (and even down your nose and around your jawline) will give more definition to your face, making it look less round and baby-facey.

Now, I have difference answers for your eye makeups:

To make you look older, go for cat eyes, or any eye makeups scheme that plays up the contours of your eyes and goes out, toward the sides of your noggin. Fanny to my left doesn't have too much makeup on, but she does have dark eyeshadow that starts at both her crease and lid and goes OUT even farther than the edge of her eyeball to meet at a point. Even just a little extra dark shadow in this spot can make you look exotic and rhymes-with-flexy, without going overboard.

To make your eyes look bigger, go for the round eye look. If you can make your eyeliner a little thicker in the middle of your upper lid and taper off on the ends, you'll create an optical illusion that makes your eyeballs look more round. Also, put liner on both your top and bottom lids, and white eyeliner in your inner bottom lid (plz apply carefully). Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

Did that halp?!??

Got any advice for these question-askers? Leave 'em in the comments!

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