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The Pros and Cons of Early Graduation

The Pros and Cons of Early Graduation

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I am a high school senior. I'm also in college. Confused? Let me explain. About two years ago, my father was transferred from the East Coast down to the good ol’ Southwest for work. My little sister moved down with him in August to start her freshman year, and I joined him just recently to start college. How is this possible, you might be wondering? Well, here’s the answer: early graduation.

Early graduation is pretty much what it sounds like. Mine was a bit different, though, because instead of receiving my diploma in December, I will still walk with my class and receive my diploma in June. In case your school offers early graduation, here are some pros and cons that you should consider before making your decision!


1. College courses. If you graduate early, you can enroll for a semester at a local community college and complete a lot of your basic coursework. For example, I'm going to be an engineering major, so to reduce my coursework, I'm taking a lot of history, government, and social classes this semester. That way I can focus entirely on my major-related courses next fall. Plus, the classes that I don’t necessarily love are a bit easier than they would be at my chosen college, which is always an advantage.

2. Job Opportunities. Because you aren’t in school all day, you have more time to work, and will therefore be more attractive to employers. Because I can work during lunch, I was hired on the spot on my second day of job-hunting!

3. More time. While you can certainly use this time to be productive and take classes or work, you could also devote it to learning a new instrument or becoming the next Dan Bergstein. You're going to need to get a stress ball to build up your sarcasm hand.

4. No senioritis! No more sitting in classes bored to death or listening to obnoxious drama. Plus, if you take college classes during your now-free second semester, you’re done with your classes during the first week or so of May. Which means that, yes, you have even more time. Win-win!


1. Detachment from high school activities. This is the worst part of early graduation in my opinion. Senior year is supposed to be one of the best years in high school. You rule the school, and teachers give you some slack to allow you to finish college applications. There’s prom, senior sweatshirt day, senior ditch day—but if you graduate early, you miss out on a lot of the fun. While early graduation is great, it almost feels like you’re leaving high school too early, without a chance to enjoy your last year with your friends. This brings me to my next point…

2. Detachment from friends. While my problem might originate from the fact that I moved half a continent away, many early graduates have to deal with seeing their high school friends less than they normally would. You can still maintain great relations with your close friends, but some of your acquaintances might fall by the wayside after your early graduation.

Which do you think is better?

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