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Choose Your Sparkler Post Badge: Round 3A

Choose Your Sparkler Post Badge: Round 3A

And the winner of the final section of Round 2 is... dapenal23 and Badge #48! However, the votes were really super frickin' close, so we're sending Flyergirl13's Badge #49 to Round 3, too. Congratulations, Sparklers!

Round 3 is going to be just like Round 2: we have 8 badges, so we'll have one-on-one showdowns until we've narrowed it down to The Final Four. Are you ready? You're definitely not ready. We recommend reading every book your library has on democracy to get yourself in the voting mood. Or you can just do the hokey-pokey. (We're pretty sure we know which one of those you're going to pick.)

Now, today's badges are pikori's Badge #8 and hannahrama's Badge#40. Remember to only vote once, and only vote for one badge.

And don't let the enormity of this guy's afro keep you from voting.

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