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Blogging My Boy Diet: The Guy Who Ruined Everything

Blogging My Boy Diet: The Guy Who Ruined Everything

Why is Talie really on a boy diet? She gives us the whole back story in this special Valentine's Day column! —Sparkitors

While pondering how to spend my guyless, boy-diet-y Valentine's Day, it hit me: tell my dearest Sparkledoodles the whole entire story of Creepy Ginger. Because nothing says "Valentines Day" like telling/reliving a story of heartbreak.

Oh, what fun.

I seem to remember that a couple of you guys commented that I might actually like Creepy Ginger.


Yeah. So I guess we'll start.

It all actually started sophomore year (and when you're trying to picture 15-year-old Talie, just think "AWKWARD"...a whole lot of awkward). And it started in chorus. During one of our concerts I noticed this random gingery kid singing among us chorus geeks. I vaguely recognized him from middle school or whatever, but I never really noticed him before. He was just a random band nerd with a strange affinity for sweater vests.

But when I saw him at the chorus concert, with his coppery flaming hair shining like a giant penny in the sunlight, it happened.

I became absolutely OBSESSED with him.

In hindsight and now that I'm older and wiser and all that junk, I completely accept that fact that I was a pro-creeper. Back then, I must've been in denial or something because I thought it was completely normal to be obsessively stalking him. I friended him on Facebook (which was SUCH a mistake), quickly learned his schedule at school, and even *shudder* randomly talked to him on Facebook chat. When I hadn't even talked to him in real life.


When I finally got up the nerve to talk to him, it was about a 30 second conversation that I really don't remember. But I do remember that I was shaking with nerves. So cute... NOT.

During my little love-stalking craze, something else was going on: Diva was swooping in like a giant, evil vulture of doom (DUN DUN DUHHH). So she and Creepy Ging started "unofficially dating" (CG wasn't allowed to have a girlfriend at that point), but don't worry, I wasn't too crushed. In fact, I had NO IDEA that was going on. I just thought/REALLY hoped that Diva had this huge embarrassing crush on him that everybody knew about and that CG was waayyy to nice to be mean to her and ignore her.

So the year ended with me absolutely crazy about a ginger. And so summer began. Unfortunately, over the summer I learned the truth about Diva and CG. Aaand I also learned that Diva knew that I liked CG, and let's just say she wasn't too happy about that one. After having a little pity party, I decided to stay out of CG's flaming hair for good and that it was high time for me to move on. I had wasted a whole year on that boy, and I had gotten nothing in return. I vowed not to waste anymore time pining over something that was never going to happen.

Or so I thought.

Junior year started actually pretty well. I managed not to obsessively stalk him for about 1 1/2 months. Unfortunately, I was still obsessively thinking about him. But I figured that I freaked him out so much with my pro-stalkerness sophomore year that he would just ignore me completely. So I would pretty much have nothing to worry about.

And during those 1 1/2 months, a certain blue-eyed drummer boy caught my eye. And I thought, hey, this could be really good. Someone new, I mean. So we went out a couple of times.

But by the time I was really considering Drummer Boy, musical season rolled around. And me, CG AND Diva all made it in.

Whaaat a party.

Around the beginning of the musical, Diva broke up with CG. So I thought "SCORE it's my time!" But that unfortunately meant that I kinda threw Drummer Boy to the side. Well, I didn't at first. As CG began to pay more and more attention to me, I began to pay less and less attention to Drummer Boy. Which totally screwed up EVERYTHING, but I'll get to that part later.

So I was pretty much in heaven: CG was paying attention to me and finally liked me back, while Diva was left on the sidelines, steaming. But I knew that Diva held this power over CG. If she called, he'd come. I tried to convince myself that he liked me enough to withstand her evil siren calls of destruction, but in the back of my mind I knew it wouldn't last long.

I think the final straw was prom. AHH there was SO. MUCH. DRAMA. Diva told Drummer Boy that she didn't want to go to prom with Ginger (total BS, by the way), so Drummer Boy was nice enough to ask Diva to prom.


It ticked me off, to say the least. And CG took... well, not me to prom. He took some other chick, whilst I went with a bunch of mis amigas. It actually didn't really bother me that CG didn't take me to prom. It really, REALLY bothered me that Drummer Boy took Diva to prom, because she totally used him to make CG jealous.

And it pretty much worked, because after that CG became a lot more... uh, friendly toward me. Than he originally was, I mean. In a nutshell, he was using me. And man, I was so naive. I mean, maybe he really did like me. Who knows? But after prom, it turned into more of "let's use Talie to get Diva back."

Junior year ended. And over the summer, they officially got together. As in FACEBOOK OFFICIAL.

To be honest, I was crushed. CG had made me look like a complete idiot, trying to fight the "inevitable." But, who can blame me? He pretty much encouraged me, and gave me hope that maybe, possibly, for the first time, things would work out for me. And by this time Drummer Boy was completely done with me, and OF COURSE I chose that time to realize what an idiot I'd been and that I was missing out on the most wonderful person in the world by being distracted by the most stupid person in the world.

I had no idea how I would be able to face CG and Diva at the beginning of the year. But I did. THANKS TO DA BOY DIET.


SO basically CG:
1) Left me out in the rain.
2) Used me.
3) Broke my heart.
4) Made me look like a complete idiot.

Okay, maybe not so much of #5. Ehh... well, actually, that's debatable. So to answer all of your questions or whatever, no. I do not like Creepy Ginger. He plays WAAAAY to many mind games.

And that's just not how I roll....yo.

Current Boy Diet Status: In case none of this convinced you, it's still on like donkey kong.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Talie :)

Do you think Talie belongs with Drummer Boy? Erm, we mean ON HER BOY DIET?!

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