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What Your Favorite Shampoo Says About You

What Your Favorite Shampoo Says About You

We never knew shampoo said so much. But Amaryllismoon, what if we want to go skydiving AND own a koala bear AND love roller coasters? —Sparkitors

Shampoo. One of the most under-appreciated hair products ever. Everyone uses it (hopefully), nobody thinks about it, but here’s what your favorite shampoo brand says about you:

Pantene: You’re into fashion and know all the latest trends.  You believe that your hair is unique, and you flaunt individuality. You hate Miley Cyrus (because you're classy, and she is NOT). You’re an upbeat person. You think you’re mature, though whether you actually are is questionable. Your favorite color is a combination of purple, green, and orange. You wish you could own a koala bear.

Tresemmé: You secretly (or not-so-secretly) aspire to be a model, and you follow all the high fashion styles. However, you know that a career in modeling probably won’t happen because you’re not tall enough. You’re fairly smart, and you enjoy a variety of activities. You aspire to go skydiving. You love Regina Spektor, and your favorite color combo is teal or pink.

Bed Head: You obviously have a sense of humor. You’re extremely sarcastic and biting (not literally, hopefully). You think that most people are complete idiots, but while you hate the world, you love roller-coasters. You tease your hair a lot, and you’ve straightened it so much that it’s amazing you’re not bald yet. Your favorite color is black, but you also love neon colors, like pink and green.

Axe: You’re a MAN. Or a girl who likes to dress like a man. You’re somewhat delusional, and you think that you’re a womanizer. Sometimes you smell really bad because you use too much of this product, but others think you smell nice (they’re probably delusional too). You might play sports; if so, you are the sole reason why the locker room smells so bad. You don’t wash your hair every day.

Herbal Essences: You keep it simple. Fashion isn't your thing; neither is make-up or styling. You dress nicely and stay neat, but you don't dream about modeling and you hate drama. Sometimes, in your head, this makes you think other people are more flaky than you, but that's really just because your dandruff finally cleared up. Your favorite color is an earthy orange, or green.

No Shampoo: You’re bald. Either that, or you have dreadlocks. You probably own lots of hats, and own a hairless chihuahua (because you sympathize with each other).

What's your favorite shampoo?

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