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Better Ways To Get To School

Better Ways To Get To School

author4evr and NightOwlGirl14 are about to seriously upgrade your ride; anything with wheels is SO last year.—Sparkitors

Who here loves mornings? Definitely not us! And after being woken up by  that obnoxiously catchy song, groggily stumbling out of bed and straight into the wall, and finding out there’s no milk to go in your cereal (AFTER, of course, you poured a bowlful), the very last thing you want to do is get onto that overcrowded, loud, smelly yellow bus. But don't despair: we've created a list of much more fun (and interesting) ways to get you off to school in the morning, and we’ve decided to share!

Unicorns really are real, really. If you’re sick of the bus, just jump on your unicorn, and...wait a second...unicorns can’t fly! We take that back; Pegasi are a much more practical way to get to school. They can fly up to 300 miles per hour! And although they do have anger issues and may occasionally get lost, they make awesome pets.

If Your Pegasus is Grumpy...Pegasi are people, too! Well, except for the fact that they’re winged horses. Regardless, don't ignore the fact that your pet Pegasus has feelings (remember the aforementioned anger issues?). You know how grumpy you are to be out of the house, in the cold, on your way to first hour math at 6:45am? Take that feeling, subtract math class, add in the fact that the Pegasus has to carry you and the truckload of books you have stuffed in your backpack, and WA-LA! That’s one unhappy flying horsey. How about you give your Pegasus (we’ve each got one; Happy Glitter Sunshine Bubbles, and Steve) a break and take your jetpack to school for a change?

Your jetpack requires maintenance. Whoa whoa whoa. Hold up. You mean you forgot that your jetpack only takes NASA brand rocket fuel? You bought bargain brand rocket fuel? *deep breath* Well, what’s done is done, and now you’re stuck. How do you get to school? Allow us to explain:

Two Words: Ski. Lift. So your school is on a hill, right? A big hill? Yep, we knew it! A ski lift can be very useful to transport you to and from school, especially if it starts at your house. Plus, you get that nice view of roads, and possibly trees, and cars, and maybe even the occasional angry mob protesting Breaking Dawn because it consists of two parts. A one-part movie was bad enough.

Wait, your school isn't on a hill? Then do as Harry Potter does...Grab your red-headed partner in crime and bust out of the house in a flying Ford Angelo! Just be careful; those Whomping Willows are killer. If you don’t want to risk the angry trees, you could also just hop on your Firebolt. Or, you know, take the train. Platform 9 ¾, here we come!

If you've got some slightly more realistic suggestions on how to get to school, we're open to those too.

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