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The Weirdest Children's Books (N)Ever Written

The Weirdest Children's Books (N)Ever Written

We all have fond memories of the books we read as children; classics like Harold and the Purple Crayon and Where the Wild Things Are taught us lasting, valuable lessons, like "Harold is sort of delusional, isn't he?" and "Flesh-eating monsters are actually pretty nice once you get to know them!" But not all kids' books are filled with such endearing messages, as evidenced by this hilarious article. Below is Emily Winter and Chelsea Dagger's take on the weirdest children's books never written—but if you want to take a stab at number 7, be our guest.

1. How To Befriend a Rabid Dog

2. 10 Reasons Harry Potter Is Probably a Terrorist

3. Leprosy Is Not A Joke At All

4. Worms Aren't For Eating—Usually

5. Dumpsters Can Make Fun Houses

6. How to Count to Negative Twelve Trillion: The Story of Our Nation’s Debt

7. A Cartoon Guide to the Bubonic Plague (And Other Deadly Contagious Diseases)

8. Piranhas Are Good Pets If You Have Insurance

9. Your Parents Will Sell You To Eskimos If You Don't Eat Your Peas

10. Where's Waldo? He's Dead, That's Where.

11. Fun with Dick and Jane, But Not Kevin, the Kid with the Boils

12. Mom, I Ate Another Phillip's Head Screw Driver!

What are the weirdest children's books you can come up with?

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