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Twi-Rock Vs. DAN-Rock

Twi-Rock Vs. DAN-Rock

mysticjadeshoe has a brilliant idea—but she needs your help to pull it off.

Most of you are familiar with Wizard Rock; you know, Draco and the Malfoys, Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons, Ministry of Magic, Siriusly Hazza P, etc. But were you also aware of the abomination known as Twi-Rock? Yes, it's true: there's a cursed genre of music known as Twilight Rock, and it includes Edward and the Cullens, Be Safe Bella (blurgh), and so much more. This revelation frequently makes the discoverer throw their iPod out the window, stomp around for half an hour, then hide in a corner for the rest of the day trying to medicate their ears with good ol' Harry and the Potters.

I was among the people about to heave my iPod off the top of an extremely high building when something occured to me: couldn't we, the fearless Sparklers, make our OWN Twi-bands? How awesome would it be to have Emmett and the Grizzly Hawks, Jacob and the Jetpacks, Lt. Lasermind, Dan and the Bergsteins, Edward and his Stupid Piano, or even Eric and the Nobodies? We could call this newly-minted genre DAN ROCK, and I think every Sparkler should get involved. You could write songs about Edward walking into the sun, his eyes watering up, and then him sneezing. Or about how confusing and illogical Alice's powers are. Or about Emmett riding in his sword copter, kicking Jasper with his sword stilts—now THAT would be a hot-rod-Lincoln EPIC song.

You could even write about Jacob and Nessie—if you wanted to be a freak of nature pervert.

Anyway, can't we do it? Please? Come on! *whispers* It could be Dan's Christmas present! You know you wanna do it. Come on. Emmett wants you to.

Whaddaya say? Are you going to start recording a backtrack to "My Thinking Lake" in your basement?

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