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Rejected Prom Themes, 2011 Edition

Rejected Prom Themes, 2011 Edition

Question 1: What's better than traditional prom themes?

Answer: Almost everything, including scabies.

Question 2: What's better than traditional prom themes as re-imagined by Chelsea Dagger?


So here they are: 20 rejected prom themes. Feel free to suggest 'em at your school—but please, don't give us credit. We really can't handle more lawsuits.

1. Lice Are Our Friends

2. Moonlight Rendezvous—In A Fetid Swamp

3. Oatmeal Spectacular

4. Under The Sea (Where You Die Without Oxygen)

5. Award-Winning Toothpick Bridges

6. The Dangers of Online Dating

7. Capital Punishment

8. Food Poisoning!!!

9. Numbers That Have More Than 2 Digits

10. Tijuanan Prisons

11. Prohibition

12. Spleens

13. Horsemeat: It's What's For Dinner, Unfortunately

14. Dying Alone

15. Why Cows Chew Their Cud

16. Types of Beans

17. A Time To Celebrate Bullies

18. Colon Cleansing: A Graphic Demonstration

19. Airborne Diseases

20. Raisins Aren't Grapes—But They Used to Be

What's your favorite rejected prom theme?

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