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Prom: Behind the Scenes

Prom: Behind the Scenes

Prom. To you, it's magical. To the people who set it up, it's the bane of their existence. While you're having fun, they're chewing on their fingernails, worrying about every detail, and generally panicking due to copious amounts of stress. Here's what's going through their minds:

The Decorations

What you're thinking: "Ooooh. I didn't know our gym could even look this nice! Where did that giant flower come from?  And is that the Eiffel Tower?!"

What they're thinking: "I still can't believe we picked 'Magical European Paradise' as our prom theme. I spent forever arranging these decorations... and we still need to move that prop to the other side of the dance floor! Oh goodness, the ceiling streamers are falling down, too. AND the balloons aren't nearly inflated enough. Maybe no one will notice."

The Tables

What you're thinking: "Awesome, tables to sit at for dinner."

What they're thinking: "Oh my gosh, I can't believe we're using the round tables instead of the square ones. AND they're set up in a diamond pattern instead of a cross pattern. AND these napkins aren't the same shade of pink, plus someone put out two salad forks instead of one salad fork and one dinner fork. What a DISASTER!"

The Food

What you're thinking: "This food is WAY better than cafeteria food. When do we get to dessert? Nom nom nom."

What they're thinking: "I hope no one notices that the peas are undercooked. How did that guy even become a waiter?! He's way too clumsy. There's no way anyone's enjoying this."

The Dancing

What you're thinking: "Oh, gosh, I love this song! And I hope that guy asks me to dance..."

What they're thinking: "I told Katie the dance floor would be too small. Now everyone won't fit and no one will have any fun at all. Plus the DJ was three hours late and he keeps repeating the same songs. No one is ever going to talk to me again after this FAIL of a prom."

The Aftermath

What you're thinking: "Well, that was fun. Now where's the after-party?"

What they're thinking: "All that work for a few hours of sheer misery. Everyone hated this prom. I knew they would. I'll be lucky if they don't egg my car for ruining it. I guess I'd better start cleaning up now..."

What's the best prom theme?

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