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How to Get Noticed in High School

How to Get Noticed in High School

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If you're looking to get noticed, and all you're worried about is making an impression—any impression—on your peers, than there are many different ways to stand out. Here are a few.

1. Walk into doors and other immovables/movables. Hit everything in your path throughout the day, no matter the size, weight, or amount of bruising this may cause you. You're sure to make it onto your classmates' radar, once you've become known as a danger to yourself and others.

2. Pull a High School Musical in the cafeteria. Best case scenario, someone joins in. You've found a new best friend/love of your life!

3. Camp out in front of a water fountain. We're talking picnic chair and cooler. Sit directly in front of it, ignoring people's increasingly desperate pleas for water. Water = necessary to human survival. You'll definitely get noticed if you're barring people from a vital life source!

4. Walk in late to class. So late that it's not actually clear which class you're going to. Arrive 35 minutes into 3rd period, so that everyone will think that you're actually there for 4th. Then blow their minds by saying that you're there for homeroom! Whoa.

5. Showcase your talent in a public way. The whole school can be your stage, whether you choose to perform opera in the hallway or a bells version of Whip My Hair atop the flagpole. You will not soon be forgotten.

6. Ask random, silly questions at inappropriate moments. Have you ever wondered why your big toe is shaped like a potato?

7. Loudly claim your hatred for/adoration of Twilight. There are very few people left in the world who don't have an opinion on the subject, and they're going to want to have their say.

8. Now this one is a long shot, but ask to be permitted to teach yodeling in the commons at lunch. I know I would love to both take this class and teach this class, a class that nobody would ever forget.

9. Maximize your passing periods. As you move between classes, claim to be some kind of flying object, such as Superman or a mythical winged horse. Then, attempt to sell bags of fresh peanuts to your peers, using your best carnival barker voice. If any teachers try to stop you, offer to guess their weight for a nickel.

How do you get noticed at school?

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