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The Future Is Here—and I'm Totally Unprepared

The Future Is Here—and I'm Totally Unprepared

LadyM is looking ahead, and the view is kinda terrifying.—Sparkitors

The above title was selected for brevity’s sake, but a more accurate title might actually be:

Reflections of LadyM, a Teenager on the Brink of Adulthood Who is Totally Freaking Out Because She is a High School Senior and Needs to Start Thinking About the Elusive Reality that is the Future when She Really Just Wants To Watch Saturday Morning Cartoons with her Kid Sister.

WHEW. Life is crazy for us, Sparklers—we’re preparing to grow up, leave the security of our homes, and go out into the world on our own. We're both excited and terrified—at least, that's how I'm feeling.

I’ve been longing for independence, but at the same time, I want to stay at home and let my parents solve all my problems for me. University acceptances are rolling in, and I still don’t know where I want to go, or what I want to be. I should be thinking about the future and figuring out my life… but as I prepare to go out and change the world, these are the most pressing things on my mind:

1. Boys

2. Boys without shirts

3. The grossicles farmer’s tan I am currently sporting. Still. Even though summer is long gone and there are 2 meters of snow out my window (that’s, like, 6.6 feet in American).

4. Aging: will I look good when I get old or will I look like Yoda?

5.   The gargantuan bee that is buzzing my head. Again, it’s winter. What is it doing there?

6. Existentialism.

7. How to do things like file insurance claims and taxes, change sheets, clean out the gutters, and make appointments.

8. University: Dal, McGill, Queens, UBC… Nunavut Arctic College?

9. Careers: Social science or cognitive science? Psychologist or archaeologist? Lawyer or thespian? The military? And why on earth do I have to decide now?

10. My internet connection is slow.

11. There are only 14 episodes of Firefly. Why are there only 14 episodes of Firefly? I’m already on episode 8.

12.  My life is about to lose all meaning.

13.  Completing tasks (such as responding to emails or writing articles) in a timely manner. Then completing homework.

15. Sparklife, Facebook, Hotmail, and Youtube.

16.  The novel I haven’t started writing yet.

17. Ambiguous pronoun usage and restrictive clauses.

18. Spike or Angel?

19. The blister on my finger that interferes with the use of writing utensils.

20. Parental Pressure: trying to figure out what they want me to do and doing it to avoid the “disappointed treatment.”

21. Broadway musicals.

22.  Ticonderoga is the best brand of pencil.

23. If my sister does not stop bothering me, she is going to get a Ticonderoga in her eye.

Even with a million and 3 things running through my head, I have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring. I really hope that the rest of you have a better idea, because if you think like me… well, the next few decades are going to be very interesting. Wish me luck. Because, by god, I’m going to need it.

What does your future hold? We're hoping it's filled with lots of shirtless boys and Ticonderoga pencils.

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