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NBK in Alberta: THE DATE

NBK in Alberta: THE DATE

LunarCircus has a scruffy love interest. Curl up with a plate of brownies and read all about it! —Sparkitors


These past few days have been a whirlwind-and-a-half of emotion for me, Sparklers. First there were the Facebook messages, then there was the infamous Monday... and then more Facebook messages and mixed messages and messages I wanted to send but didn’t. All I’m feeling right now is CONFUSION, Sparklers, and it SUCKS big time. But first! Your questions:

ChangminsBabyGirl asked: If you were to one day have kids, would you adopt or use a surrogate? Can I call you a ‘fabkler’ because it sounds fabulous?
I think I would go the route of adoption. There’s something about involving a third party with surrogacy that doesn’t appeal to me. Plus, there are plenty of children in this world who need loving parents. If my future partner and I can’t have biological children of our own, at least we can care for the children that are already here :)
And you may call me "fabkler." I will also entertain "smexykler," "rainbowkler," or "spa-kler," as they are equally fabulous.

iWILLmarryneville and Maura44 asked: What does Scruff look like?
If Zeus came down from Olympus and carved out a man from the mountain face, blasted it with lightning, infused it with the fire of Titans, blessed it with the heart of Aphrodite, the spirit of Hermes, and the wisdom of Athena... that would not be him. He’s actually very normal looking, but strikingly so. Scruff has dark-ish skin, black hair, glasses, and (of course) scruff. I lurvz it.

Oh, and in answer to time_turner’s question about my type: ..... ^THIS IS MY TYPE^

spiritrush and Which1sPink asked: What books do you like? Are you a Potter fan, and if so, what’s your favourite pairing? What do you think of Remus/Sirius?
For someone who wants to be a writer, I really don’t read as much as I should. Don’t get me wrong: I love reading and do it whenever I can. I’m just really busy. There’s also the fact that I’m the kind of reader who has six or seven books on the go at once :P The last book I finished was called Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. It was all right.

Also, I ADORE Harry Potter. Seriously, you have no idea. I bought seventeen tickets for the midnight screening of Deathly Hallows weeks in advance, my bedroom is done in Gryffindor colours with no less than three banners hanging from the walls, and someday I want to be just like J.K. Rowling :3 My favourite pairing would have to be Hermione/Ron because it took seven books to come to fruition, which almost killed me. I’m not so sure how I feel about Remus/Sirius, though. Crabbe/Goyle would be HaLARious.

dinolove703 asked: Can we have a brownie-recipe party?
The Brownie Potluck is still in its planning stages, but proceedings are going well. I’ve got you down to bring the salad. If this could somehow be a brownie salad, I would adore you all the more. But we still need a venue!

brightorangepen, miss.elizabeth, BananaEasy and Skrap05 would like to know: What is your coming out story?
Seatbelts, everyone! If you’ll notice, the emergency exits are at the front, back, and sides of the plane. Should the oxygen mask deploy in the event of an emergency, be sure to secure your own mask around your face before assisting infants or small children. Thank you for flying Air SparkNotes!

Now that that’s out of the way, my story: I had a girlfriend for almost three years back in junior high/high school. We’d been good friends since grade five, and I’d always known I’d liked her (though at the time, of course, I didn’t know this was platonic love and platonic love only). When we finally broke up, it was because I was feeling depressed and insecure and unloved and had said some stupid things I didn’t mean. She said them too, at one time or another, but it was stupid of me to bring them up when I did, it was a stupid situation, and I hadn’t yet realized that I’m gay. We weren’t right for each other.

She jumped into another serious relationship a few short months after our breakup. Long story short: this caused a fight, then we made up, and when I was finally comfortable enough with my sexuality to tell her I was gay, we were really good friends for a while. She was my best friend, in fact. But by the end of high school, things had changed. She had just started another relationship (one different than before) and was spending virtually no time with her friends. Now, I realize that when people start dating, this is sort of how it works. But it felt like she was actively ignoring us! So one day I mentioned—privately, and in the kindest way I know how—that it really hurt that she was spending no time with us, her friends, who loved her. Well, did she ever pull the plug on the pooper! (I just made up this expression. I don’t know what it means.) She screamed. She swore. And she said that she never wanted to see me again. I tried for weeks to get her to talk to me. To tell me what I did wrong. But she wouldn’t budge, and to this day I don’t know what I did. But at least I had told her that I was gay, and while we were friends, she accepted me. Shortly after, I was able to tell a few more friends (including my now-best-friend, Annie. [I’m going to call her Annie because Harry Potter was an orphan, so orphans are cool.]) The more comfortable I got with myself, the more people I could tell. And the more people I told who accepted me, the more comfortable I got with myself. Life got better :)

And that’s PART ONE of my coming out story! You’ll get the rest next time. It might get a little muddled, splitting things up like this, but this is getting long and I owe you the details on my convo with Scruff!!

This is what I know about Scruff so far:

  • He’s an engineer, recently graduated.
  • He’s hilarious!
  • He’s kind and well spoken (written?).
  • He loves reading, and knows more about literature than I do.
  • He skipped a grade in elementary school.
  • And of course, he’s attractive.

So basically, he’s a funny, sexy, considerate genius. JACKPOOOOOOOOOOTTT!!!!! I think I’ve hit the quadrafecta.

Thus far we’ve traded information on studies, interests, etc. He knows what I’m taking in university and I know what he took. We each know what the other did over summer holidays. Eventually we got to talking about his new car, and he invited me out for a drive sometime. Sounds like a date, no? Here’s where it gets interesting.

I can’t give you the exact wording of what he said, Sparklers, to protect his anonymity, but it sounded very, very much like a date. So we said it would be Monday and that he would pick me up around 8:30. We both like late-night driving. I spent the whole of that day trying not to think about the evening :3 I wanted to seem cavalier about it, but I couldn’t help but gush to Annie and my other friends that I. LUNARCIRCUS. HAD A DATE. THAT EVENING. WITH A MAN. The fact that the shy little LunarCircus of yesteryear had progressed from an awkward dweeb who was so uncomfortable with himself to a semi-attractive, moderately confident man with actual gay friends... it was enough to put me in hysterics. And now I had a date!!

So Annie and Skittles dropped me off at my house after classes and I spent an hour or two longer than I should have getting ready :P I showered, primped in front of the mirror, and tried not to think about how girly I was being. When 8:15 came, I sat downstairs in my bedroom and waited for the doorbell to ring. I grabbed a book and tried to settle my mind.

8:25 came, and my heart raced.

8:30 came, and my heart raced faster.

8:45 came, and I thought he was running late.

9:00 came and went, and I thought he was running really late. I didn’t have his cell number. We’d only communicated on Facebook. I knew his number was listed there, but I was NOT—under ANY circumstances—going to look for it and call.

By 9:30 I gave up. He’d either forgotten to come or he’d stood me up. Either way, this told me he was not sufficiently interested in me to bother with remembering/going out with me.

But that’s okay, Sparklers!!!!! Annie had an exam the next day and Skittles had no way of getting to my house, so I texted my friend Moxie. (Her name is Moxie ‘cause she’s got moxie.) I told her about my troubles and how horrid a night I was having, and like the amazing friend that she is, she came rushing over and we went to the bar together! Now, I don’t advocate drinking to wash away your troubles, Sparklers—that only leads to trouble—so I didn’t drink too much. But we had a great night, got silly, and I went to bed happy.

All’s well that ends well, right? :D

Good attitude, LunarCircus! Has this happened to any other Sparklers out there? How did you cope?

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