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Life According to Ginger: Winter Break Lessons

Life According to Ginger: Winter Break Lessons

I suppose the title of this post is misleading. I have YET ANOTHER WEEK before school starts, and I learned very little from winter break. Since I don’t plan on doing anything even mildly interesting this week anyway, I think I’ll just sum up my entire break, one week early.

Lesson 1: YouTube is a dark, dark abyss.

Fortunately, I’m a fan of dark abysses (I’m building a summer home in the Mines of Moria), and I’ve spent… well… way too much time on YouTube. I’ll neglect to mention any numbers… we’ll just go with “a ridiculous amount of time.” According to my parents. I’d say about 90% of this time is spent finding/listening to music. However… I occasionally find gems like this. Now trust me, I feel like the absolute WORST person in the world when I laugh at that. But I laugh anyway. Every. Time. The only real problem with YouTube (aside from its incredible ability to suck time out of your life) is the inane comment wars. Trolls (i.e. people who say stupid things just to get other people mad at them) are basically the bane of my life. They always have a cave troll. Ba-dum ching. (Someone catch the Mines of Moria reference, please. Or at least pretend to, for my sake. I set it up way at the beginning of the paragraph.)

Lesson 2: is another abyss… but they call it a “mentally stimulating diversion,” so it has to have some semblance of being a worthwhile activity. Right? Riiight? Anyway, I CHALLENGE YOU ALL to beat my score of 142 on the Top 200 Characters of the Harry Potter Series Quiz. Hint: don’t forget non-human entities. Or Tom, the bartender of the Leaky Cauldron. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, beat my 23/24 out of all the major art movementsMaybe I SHOULD be an Art History major after all… Sporcle certainly seems to think so.

Even though it sounds like I’ve been on the internet a lot, I sometimes spend time with people too! Scouts honor. For some reason, I feel like I have to prove this. Well, my 12-year-old brother said something funny today! (I’m trying to inject an air of authenticity here.) He was trying to prove that he knew more about Star Wars than me (psh. As if.), so he asked me what the Republican base on Hoth looked like. I told him that, even though Republicans definitely wouldn’t care for the Empire either, it was the Rebellion that had the glorified snow fort. On a further note: how cool would it be if the Republicans had a base on Hoth? Sarah Palin would have a blast.

So to describe my winter break in short: I am guilty of the sin of sloth, and my laptop is very close to overheating. I can’t be the only one.

Ginger’s Song of the Week: This is most likely the cutest music video I’ve ever seen, and totally makes the hours on YouTube worth it.

Have you found anything amazing online during your winter break?

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