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How to Dress Like... Hermione Granger

How to Dress Like... Hermione Granger

likearedredrose shows us how easy it is to dress like a teenaged witch! –Sparkitors

Admit it: even though she dresses like she doesn’t care what she looks like, you’ve secretly been admiring Hermione Granger’s wardrobe from the time she first stepped on the screen in her classic pleated-skirt-and-v-neck-sweater school girl combo. Over the course of seven movies, Hermione has learned how to dress in clothes that are comfy and casual—yet never sloppy (I’m looking at you, girl with the Lululemon pants tucked into her UGGs). Here’s how you can cop Hermione’s laidback style:

Patterns and Colours. Patterns might be the most important element of Hermione’s look—she’s proof that you cannot have too many tops with horizontal stripes. And don’t be afraid to mix colors you think don’t go together, like red and pink. If Hermione can do it, so can you! Unless "it" is a perfectly executed Salvio hexia spell.

Tops. Hermione rocks comfy sweaters and cardigans, so give them a try. They keep her looking school girl chic while still being super comfortable. Try to keep your look from getting too casual by sticking to one hoodie, instead of a whole wardrobe of them. Fill the rest of your closet with basic fitted tops. (Buy this adorable top, if you can find it.)

Pants. When she’s not confined by her school uniform, Hermione seems pretty content to wear jeans. Her no-nonsense style of dress dictates that none of your pants should be too cool-looking, so skip the ripped and slashed styles and opt for some classic tailoring, a skinny-leg style, or cords in various neutrals.

Shoes. Hermione usually wears comfy ballet flats or functional lace-ups, perfect for running through the Forbidden Forest or away from snatchers.

Outerwear. Take Hermione’s lead, and cozy up with a warm scarf, mitts, or beanie hat. Try to get these pieces in a plain or Fair Isle pattern, or show your house loyalties with a maroon and gold striped scarf. You know you want to.

The Dress. Hermione has only been seen in a dress twice throughout the film series, but when she does take the opportunity to girl up, she really makes an impression. Though she spends most of her time running with the boys, she still likes to be a girly girl once in a while. Reread that section in Goblet of Fire where Harry describes her as looking like a different person in her Yule Ball dress, or watch the wedding scene from Deathly Hallows Part 1, where Ron can’t take his eyes off of her. So when you do dress up, choose a stunning style, do your hair, ditch your lace-ups for a great pair of heels, and rest assured that you will capture the attention of Rupert Grint, if he happens to be in the area.

Would you raid Hermione’s closet?

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