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Unwhole: Chapter 1

Unwhole: Chapter 1

We're dipping a toe in fiction with Sparkler DarkLite808's highly-addictive story, Unwhole. Let us know what you think! —Sparkitors

Chapter One:
It was late. I shouldn’t be sneaking out. But I know that if I don’t go out now, I’ll never get to see Caleb. Today was probably my last day at FaeryMoon, and maybe one of my last days alive. I still couldn’t believe my parents are doing this to me! The King and Queen of FaeryMoon send their daughter out to spy on the most dangerous creatures!? What kind of parents are they?

I knew it was urgent. Our lives were in jeopardy; no one could trust each other. The only person my parents trusted was me. And now I have to pay the price of having their trust. Remind me to start lying more often when I get back. If I get back.

“Psst! Dee! Over here!”

I spun around and spotted Caleb crouched behind the bushes, waving his hand like a maniac. Gathering the million folds of my gown in one hand, I ran towards him. He stood up when I got closer, grinning widely. I hugged him with my free hand.

“I said don’t call me that!” I giggled and sat on the damp grass.

He leaned against a tree, still smiling. “Fine, Princess Delilah.”

I smiled, then frowned. “I’m really going to miss you, Caleb. You know what’s going to happen tomorrow, don’t you?”

It was quiet for a moment. He crouched next to me. My eyes widened when I noticed a single tear drop slowly rolling down his smooth pale face. Before I could say anything about it, he wrapped his arms around me in a bear hug, nestling his face in my neck. I stood still, uncertain what to do.

Five minutes later, he finally moved away. He wasn’t crying anymore, just smiling sadly. “Of course I know. I never thought… I didn’t believe it. How could they?”

I shrugged, tossing my dark hair over my shoulder. “I’m their daughter, and I still ask myself that question.”

He nodded, and the air grew uncomfortably silent. Fidgeting slightly, I looked at him. He was looking the other way, deep into the forest.

“Umm… but it’ll be exciting, I’m sure!” I said, trying to make him smile again.

“You always look for the positive side,” he said gravely, turning to me. His eyes grew dark. “But sometimes, there isn’t one.”

“Yes, there is always a positive side.” I argued. “It’s not like I’m going to get there, stand on a stage and announce, ‘My enemy werewolves, it is I, the Princess Delilah of FaeryMoon, coming to spy on you to make sure you have no weapons. Oh, and by the way, I'll also report back to my parents so we can start war and take over your place and kill your King!'"

I could tell Caleb was trying not to laugh by the way his face scrunched up.

“But what about if they find out?,” he managed to say with a straight face.

“That,” I said, “is the negative side. The positive side is that I say nothing and just mind my business and do my job.”

He rubbed my shoulders, grinning. “You think you can keep your mouth shut? It’ll be a miracle if the whole pack doesn’t come charging on us a couple of minutes after you leave.”

I faked pouting, crossing my arms over my chest. “I’m not that stupid.”

He laughed as I threw leaves at his short-cropped dark hair. Suddenly, we heard bells.

“Uh oh,” I said. The bells only met one thing: they were looking for me.

“You’d better get going Dee,” Caleb said, ruffling my hair.

I rolled my eyes, “How many times do I—”

“Delilah! All right!”

I smiled sweetly, batting my eyelashes. “Oh, you are such an angel. What a gentleman.”

He laughed, before pulling me in for one more hug. I held on tightly to him, feeling the unexpected tears prickle my eyes, but I held them back. I didn’t want to let him see me cry. I didn’t want to worry him.

“Take care, now, Delilah. Whatever happens, know that you are strong and that you have many people here who depend on you and love you. And I’ll be watching you, so don’t be afraid.” Caleb said.

“Caleb, you’re just like the dad I wish I had!” I said, my words muffled a bit. My face was cuddled into his neck, the sweet aroma of the musk that he had on filling my nostrils. He pulled me away, pretending to frown. “I’m not that old!”

I laughed, wiping my eyes. “Fine! Like an older brother!”

He smiled. “That would do, little sister.”

We stood staring at each other for a couple of seconds before I turned and left. I didn’t look back until I was at the door of the palace. And when I did, I could still see him staring back at me from behind the branches, like a shadow in the dark night.

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