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Flyergirl13 Tells You How—To Understand Body Language

Flyergirl13 Tells You How—To Understand Body Language

flyergirl13 may have just clued us in to why our crush always stands 13 feet away. Now it all makes sense...—Sparkitors

People use body language all the time; whether your friend is waving his hands in a "that raccoon is rabid!" motion, or your crush picks her nose whenever she looks at you, it all means something! The tough part is deciphering exactly what a person's body language is conveying. This is sort of like cracking a secret code, and cracking a secret code is sort of like THE BEST THING EVER.

Step One: Watch The Face
Your face makes up roughly 15% of your body, but it's responsible for about 80% of your body language. The other 20% is displayed by your hands, your toes, and your liver. But forget about those. Your face is the important part.

DO: Understand the following common gestures and their meanings:

Finger To Lips:  "I can't hear you, please talk louder."
Eyebrows in a sharp V:  "I love you."
Wiggling Ears:  "I can wiggle my ears. Be jealous."
Tongue Stuck Out: "Check out my new tongue piercing."
Rolling Eyes: "I think you're a genius."
Winking: "Meet you behind the cafeteria at four. Bring chocolate."

DON'T: Forget which parts of your face go where. Study up on your facial anatomy, because if you mix up your friend's nose with their liver, your interpretations of their body language will be a little off.

Step Two: Watch The Hands
The hands are the second most important, because, well, they're your hands. If you, like me, wave your arms around while talking in order to emphasize certain points, then you understand the incredible significance of these appendages.

DO: Understand the following common gestures and their meanings:

Arms waving in the air: "I'm sleepwalking, please come slap me."
Wiggling Fingers: "I play the piano. A lot."
Middle Finger: "I'm a werewolf. In disguise."
High five: "We are awesome."
Fist bump: "We are awesome, and we are starring on the television show Jersey Shore."

DON'T: Use hand emotions too much. Especially while you're in someone's personal space. It could lead to lawsuits.

Step Three: Understand Personal Space
The distance between people conveys emotions. For example, if your crush refuses to come within ten feet of you, they might be hinting that you smell like ham, or that you have some invisible force field surrounding you.

DO: Measure distance. Carry a tape measure with you at all times, and carefully measure the distance between you and other people when you are interacting with them. Then check on the following handy chart to see the interpretation of their behavior:

<6 inches: "I want to snuggle with you."
6-12 inches: "I want to snuggle with you, but I'm scared."
1-3 feet: "I drive a Zamboni."
3-6 feet: "Your shoes look like hand grenades, and I'm hesitant to step any closer."
>6 feet: "I think we should try a long-distance relationship."

DON'T: Pop personal bubbles. It's annoying when you pop the figurative personal space bubbles, but if you're on the Moon or something and you actually pop someone's bubble, they could die from lack of oxygen. It's a bad habit to get into.

What body language signs do you always pick up on? Which ones baffle you?

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