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Cute Thing of the Week

Cute Thing of the Week

This week's pic was snapped by Chelsea Dagger, amateur-professional photographer extraordinaire, and it stars her parents' puppies, the two most darling dogs in the world. Their names are Molly and Rosey (also called Eugene and Ronald, or Smallsauce and Bug, or Mollywallypog and Potato-Chip Ears), and they are the greatest little beans ever to grace a sofa cushion. But enough about them; Cute Thing of the Week recently took a rather lengthy vacation, and we know the caption contest suspense has been absolutely KILLING you. So let's dispense with the pleasantries and get right down to it: here are the best captions from the December 20 post.

LitFreak4: Don't you go dissing my ride beard-boy, the mileage is GREAT.

analyticalmonkey: "Excuse me, sir, but I don't think the Honda appreciates the view."

bad_hijab_day: Ahhh! We've been discovered! Abort Operation Steal the Car! Abort!

pretty_little_writer: Move over, goat! I called shotgun!

livelaughluvv24: Comet: Whaddya mean you wanna take the car to the party?! I was gonna let you ride me there...

Gash: You are the reason we don't get any girls...

pollysmiles101: Ha! I laugh at your so-called "horsepower" Mr. Car! See me laugh? Ha! Ha!

LOTR_junkie6: "Ya know, there are better ways to get someone to stop tailgating you than mooning them."

Your_Average_Zebra: Gash: Comet, you're embarrassing me. This better not go on youtube.

Katt223: Comet: "EXCUSE MEEEEEEEE! I'm trying to merge here!"

Kimbo_sliceofpie: "Mom, I wanted a MUSTANG!"

And the winner, by EmeraldEyesAreGreen:

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