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The Top SparkLife Posts of 2010

The Top SparkLife Posts of 2010

Wow Sparklers... it's been a long year. Lots of things have changed on SparkLife (in a good way!), the number of Sparklers has multiplied by about a billion, and lots of great posts have been written. And we do mean lots of great posts.

In case you're new here, or you just missed some gems throughout the year, here are the top 24 posts from 2010, by pageviews. (Why 24? 25 is too predictable, and 23 just smacked me in the head with a reindeer.):

24. 5 Reasons Not to Use Your School Bathroom by Sparkler oliveoil5047

23. How to Dress Like... Rachel Berry from Glee (from the How to Dress Like... collection) by Lucy Hutchinson

22. "Hey, Can I Borrow a Pencil?" by Sparkler imperfectbutfine

21. Spice Up the Morning Announcements by Dan Bergstein

20. The Perks of Being Slow by Sparkler TheBalticSea

19. Eau De Literary Characters by Kathryn Williams

18. Rejected Prom Themes by Chelsea Dagger

17. What It's Like to Live in... Small-town Jersey by Sparkler Mconn517 (from the What It's Like to Live in... collection)

16. Auntie SparkNotes: Sex-seeking Beasts of Hornitude (from the Auntie SparkNotes collection) by Kat Rosenfield

15. The Worst Graduation Speech in the World by Ashley Spencer

14. The SparkNotes Movie Club Presents: Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince (from the SparkNotes Movie Club collection) by Dan Bergstein

13. 10 More Things You Should Know About Me, the Girl Under the Veil by Muslimah8160

12. Blogging Pride and Prejudice As if it Were a Teen Novel, Part 10 (from the Blogging Pride and Prejudice series) by Emily Winter

11. How to Handle Mystery Texts by Dan Bergstein

10. Committee of Cool: The Jonas Brothers by Chelsea Dagger (and Emily and Emma)

9. How to Break Up with Almost Anyone by Sparkler jgrudzy

8. Never Been Kissed in Ontario: Top 10s by Sparkler Sara

7. Hanging Out With Jazzy: How to Make Everything Awkward by Sparkler villanous_mwaha

6. How to Deal With PDA by Katie Rolnick

5. Blogging My Boy Diet: I Do NOT Care About the Hot Drummer Boy (from the Blogging My Boy Diet series) by Sparkler Talie

4. Hilarious Quotes–by Teachers?! by Sparkler flyergirl13

3. PDA–When is it OK? by Ashley Spencer

2. Lies They Tell You in High School by Sparkler awdorkable

...and the number one post of 2010 was... *drumroll* *actually, get your hands off my drum*

1. Blogging Breaking Dawn, Part 10 (from the Blogging Twilight series) by Dan Bergstein!!!

What were your favorite posts of 2010? Did any make this list?

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