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Surviving Your APUSH Class

Surviving Your APUSH Class

oneandonlybit90's guide might be your only hope for makin' it through APUSH alive.—Sparkitors

Cue dramatic lighting, the smoke machine, and the band kids you paid to dress up as demons: it's the dreaded AP U.S. History class (commonly known as APUSH) coming to suck out your soul and feed it to the nearest Dementor. This class will deprive you of your will to live—until that special day in May arrives and you take the AP exam, freeing yourself from its clutches forever. Well, almost forever: you still have to wait for your score. So you bite your nails. Then your toenails. Then your family's nails. Then the nearest object that has any resemblance to a nail. Doesn't all of this sound pleasant? Not really. But if those those DBQ's, HARP's, and WT's are getting you down, here are some tips to survive APUSH and maybe even score well on the exam.

1. Read the history book. Honestly, the best source of information you have is that gigantic wad of paper you cart back and forth between your house and your locker. Read it over and over and over until you've memorized every single page, and then read it again. You never know when you might need to pull something out of the far reaches of your mind to answer a question on the AP exam.

2. DBQ also stands for Don't Be Quavering. The answers are right in front of you! As long as you can back up your points with facts from the Holy Book Previously Mentioned, everything will be fine.

3. Start a study group. Cramming hundreds of years of history into your head is awful and difficult, so why not drag a few friends along for the ride? You can study for tests together and eat Cheese Whiz and Nutella on crackers. When the AP exam comes along, you can split up the eras and do an overview of each for one another. YAY FOR SHARING!

Follow these lovely guidelines, and a 5 will be coming your way. In the words of Billie Mays, I guarantee it.

How are you getting through your APUSH class?

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