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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Private School Students

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Private School Students

Chabelinni knows all the secrets of private schoolers, and she's about to share them with YOU.—Sparkitors

Sure, private school students are EVERYWHERE—but what do you really know about us? I'm willing to bet you've got a few misconceptions about me and my fellow private school preppies, so allow me to set the record straight once and for all.

1. We aren’t all rich and stuck up. Forget about those “I-have-a–yacht-and-a-beach-house-in-the–Bahamas-and-a- house-in-Ireland-and-France-and-an-iPad/Phone-and-the- very-first-original-iPod-that-my-dad-bought-in-the-90’s-or- whatever” uniform-wearing students. Most of us are just average teens; I myself live in a townhouse, and one of my friends lives in an apartment. Sorry, no yacht parties for us! Sadly, there are a few guys who may try spinning the France-iPhone story above—Eddie, if you are reading this, I DO NOT believe a single thing you told me about that iPad. NOTHING.

2. We're not all smarty-pants. Most of the guys at my school aren't even on the Honor Roll. Ok, there are some nerds *ahem me ahem*, but we make up only about 10% of the student body. And no, we are not teased by the popular kids… definitely not...that would be so cliche...excuse me while I comfort myself with a milkshake and a copy of "Shakespeare’s Dictionary: Words Even YOU Didn’t Understand."

3. WHY ARE YOU WEARING JEANS EVERY SATURDAY, SUNDAY, AND EVEN IN SUMMER?! The answer: for us, "Jeans Days" come about once every TWO MONTHS, and we celebrate any chance we get to be free of our uniforms. When school's not in session, we wear jeans as much as possible. Oh, the sweet taste of rebellion!

4. You may have noticed our excessive jewelry and neon nail polish. That’s our way of expressing our style!  Sure, I may be wearing electric aqua nail polish and about 50 bracelets, but that's because I'm not allowed to wear patterned SOCKS to school.

5. We're a lot like you. We like to party, we like to read (or at least most of us do), and we have the same awful social hierarchy that you do. The only difference is that we wear a FREAKINGLY AWESOME UNIFORM.

Private school sounds pretty good to us. What do you guys think?

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