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Video War: Passion Pit Vs. Phoenix

Video War: Passion Pit Vs. Phoenix

Well, last week's Video War made one thing pretty clear: Taylor Swift has more nicknames than anyone else in the universe. Are we jealous? Of course. We love nicknames. We eat nicknames like candy. But we really can't compete with Swifty, aka Tay-Swizzle, aka T Dawg, aka the Talented Ms. Swiftly, who takes the cake when it comes to alternative monikers. But does she take the cake when it comes to a mainstream smack-down with Mr. Bruno Mars? You'll find out right after this important message, brought to you by Chelsea Dagger:

Because your comments are getting more glorious, and ever-lengthier, each week, we've decided to switch things up and save imaginary internet trees by giving rad shout-outs to our favorite video responses, instead of re-posting the comments in their entirety. SOUND GOOD? Great. Here ya go:

The following Sparklers hereby receive a Video War Victory! Award for showing their support of Taylor Swift:

madison.mallory for comment #91

SparkE324 for comment #107

Helena3191 for comment #105

tennis_chick_995 for comment #51

kaitydancer for comment #24

DerDanzen for comment #37

she_who_squeaks for comment #128

SuperNinjaQueen for comment #151

dazzlemeplease for comment #39

BonnieBellez for comment #43

smileygirl32321 for comment #48

whimsicalLady for comment #79

SparkE324 for comment #107

tcatron565 for comment #125

mWrite for comment #160

BananaPhone325 for comment #198

And these Sparklers are presented with VWV! Awards for their big-time belief in Bruno Mars:

hlucero06 for comment #16

Hello!! for comment #158

ChangminsBabyGirl for comment #47

icesk8rgrl0 for comment #53

hidefromgeese for comment #58

anaavu for comment #110

LOTR_junkie6 for comment #113

lawlielawllawl for comment #103

And now, the moment of truth, the Final Score:

Bruno Mars: 60

Taylor Swift: 105

Looks like Tay-ter Tot took it by a landslide! Now, onto this week's contenders: neither really qualifies as "mainstream," and neither is exactly "under the radar," but screw labels and forget past-post precedent; just listen to the music, dudes.

In one corner, we've got Sleepyhead by Passion Pit:

In the other corner, we've got 1901 by Pheonix:

Cast your vote in the comments, and you might win a VWV award next week!

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