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I Go To... Georgia State University

I Go To... Georgia State University

rissyloves, aka Clarissa Wallen, brings us the lowdown on GSU. Enjoy! —Sparkitors

Here’s the basic beats:

School: Georgia State University
Location: Downtown Atlanta
Size: About 30,000 undergrads
Type: Public
Number of Majors offered: 55

But here’s the breezy truth:

Academics: At such a big school, you’d think that every single class would have 400 students, and the teachers couldn’t see past their podiums, right? Wrong. GSU keeps our class sizes small. I’ve only had one class that was over 45 students. Within weeks of the beginning of the semester, all my professors have known my name, where I went to high school, and my strengths and weaknesses.

With such a big group of students, you get every type of person imaginable in your classes. I’ve had classes where every single student has a different major and different career goals. When you’re watching movies about the expansion of Chinese culture for homework, it sure helps to have those film majors in your study group! What's also amazing about GSU? As an incoming freshmen, you're placed in a Freshmen Learning Communities (FLC) where you get an instant 25 friends who are in all of your classes.

Life: Atlanta is one of the most diverse places to live. Everything is right there at your fingertips! (Literally. GSU gives out iPads and Flip video cameras to every incoming FLC.) My friends and I frequently haunt streets where film companies have been known to film (we saw Ryan Ryenolds last week!), attend all sorts of sporting events and movies premieres, and play on the park playgrounds. The school puts on plenty of free events at the Aquarium and the ice-skating rink. During the hotter months, when it rains, a bunch of kids have been seen “puddle jumping” in wellies and shorts. A new activity just opened up this year: the Georgia State Panther football team. We had a winning record and, I must admit, the band was pretty snazzy!

Dorms: Once you get a peek inside GSU’s dorms, you’ll never want to leave. They are that nice. Georgia State has five housing options open to students: The Lofts, Freshmen Hall, The Commons, Piedmont North, and Greek Housing. Georgia State has been expanding their housing options in the past few years, and they’re making sure these dorms are the nicest ones in Georgia. The Lofts and The Commons are apartment-style dorms where you share a living room and kitchen with 1-3 other people, but have your own room and only share a bathroom with one other person. The Freshmen Hall and Greek Housing are the closest thing we have to traditional dorms. In the Freshmen Hall, you can room alone or with someone else, and you share a bathroom with another room. All of our dorms have community rooms where the entire floor gets together for movie nights, study parties, cupcake decoration contests, and scavenger hunts. There's so much going on in the dorms that most people don’t even think about going home for the weekends.

The worst stuff: The worst thing about GSU is that since it’s in the middle of Atlanta, good luck trying to drive somewhere between the hours of 3 and 7. But when everything students need is within a mile radius, there's really no need to get in the car.

The best stuff: The diversity! At Georgia State, you never know who you will meet, from the German exchange student who always has gummy bears, to the hipsters who give everybody judging looks. Also, since we’re in the middle of Atlanta, you get culture in extremely high doses. The High Museum has College Nights, and we even have a Six Flags day!

Georgia State, from the outside, might seem like a normal, run-of-the-mill state college, but it’s really a remarkable place. Students never go to sleep, there are always dry-erase drawings on the windows, and good luck getting into Starbucks, because the line is so long. Is there really anything else you need from college?

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