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Forks, Washington: Don't Believe the Hype

Forks, Washington: Don't Believe the Hype

DrakeObsessor has the inside scoop on Bella's hometown; you're gonna want to read this before you take your "I HEARTZ TWILIGHT" road trip. —Sparkitors

Until recently, my beloved home state of Washington was best known for Starbucks, the Space Needle, and evergreen trees—but then the Twilight series hit the bigtime, and crazed fans of Edward, Bella, and Optimus Beyonce invaded. Now, the first thing out of people’s mouths when they hear where I live is “Do you know where Forks is? Have you been there?!”  Yes, screaming Twihards, I have…and I gotta tell you, it’s not all that great.

The first thing you encounter upon entering Forks is a line of cars parked next to the "WELCOME TO FORKS, WA" sign, and groups of giggling girls posing for photographs in front of it. When you get to the town itself, there's a (brace yourself) real Cullen house, and guess what's right next door: Bella’s house. Does it make sense that Bella and Carlisle are neighbors? Of course not. But nobody complains, because they're all too busy shrieking with obsessive fandom.

At the local hospital, there's a parking spot labeled DR. CARLISLE CULLEN, which, again, is a prime location for photos. At Town Hall, there's a ranger who can show you signed pictures of  Stephanie Meyer and give you trivia quizzes for all the books. Parked outside, there's an old red Chevy with the license plate reading “BELLA.” Oh, the horror.

In the heart of town, there's a store completely dedicated to Twilight paraphernalia. It's packed full of hysterical girls buying life-size, shirtless Lautner cutouts and pins that said “You can take me to Isle Esme, smash my headboard and bruise my body any day” (you think I’m kidding, but I'm not.) I wish I had been smart enough to open up that shop— I'd basically be set for life!

Oh, and one more thing: when I went to Forks, it was raining. Mysterious, ironic coincidence? Nope. It rains there every single day. You better bring your galoshes.

Sounds...magical? We'll save our money for a vay-cay to Mexico instead. Anyone else been to Forks?

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