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I Go To... The King's College

I Go To... The King's College

We want to hear about your colleges. From YOU. No, we don't mean like a college catalog, or those silly brochures they send out in the mail. We want the inside scoop! Tell us anything, something, everything about your school...  and send it to To start things off, let me tell you a bit about my college:

Here are the basic stats...

School: The King's College, NYC

Location: New York City... inside the Empire State Building (!)

Size: About 450 students

Type: Private

Number of Majors Offered: 3 (more on that later)

And everything that really matters...

Academics: King's is basically a nerd school. And I mean that in the best possible way, because I love nerds (I AM a nerd). Our classes are hard, but, thanks to the school size, small. All the students were recruited on academic standards, so for those of us (me) who thought we were smart before we came... well, let's say smartness is relative. But the teachers rock. I think all of them have PhD's (maybe that's normal?), and most importantly, they love their jobs. Our school has three majors that all operate off a common core. My major is Media, Culture, and the Arts, which is basically geared toward any sort of modern job. The other majors are Business and Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE).

Life: Since we're in NYC, there are tons of things to do. My friends and I have been to free concerts, operas, movies, plays, sports events, SNL, and almost anything else you can think of. But that's actually not what we do most of the time. For the majority of our downtime, we just hang out with each other, play games, and study. We study a LOT. And we go buy cupcakes at Crumbs, because they're amazing. We don't have tons of rules, because our school likes to think of us as responsible (HA!), which is actually pretty neat.

Dorms: This kind of ties into the Life part. Because the school is inside the Empire State Building, we don't really have a campus. Instead of normal college dorms, we have apartments. Wait. The GIRLS have apartments, located about a block away from the Empire State Building. The guys, sadly, share a dorm building called Ludlow in the Lower East Side with two other colleges. No, this is not for some silly keep-the-girls-and-guys apart reason, it's because our class grew so much this year, they didn't have enough apartments uptown for all the guys up there. But, for us girls, having apartments rocks. We cook all our own food (or eat out) and sometimes, when we're feeling nice, we feed the guys, too.

The worst stuff: There is honestly not much I don't like about my school. The biggest thing I don't like is that the guys live a 20-minute subway ride away. The only other thing that ever really bugs me is... well, my house. The freshmen are great, but our upperclassmen are really, really shockingly shallow. But that doesn't bother me too much, because for the most part the upperclassmen avoid us freshmen, so it all works out.

The best stuff: I love my school. It has a personality, by which I mean the students actually love being there, and since we're nerds, we think along the same lines. We have a kind of funky dress code: we're supposed to wear business casual, but no one really knows what that means, so we just don't wear jeans to class. We don't really have sports teams, because we're not focused on that (remember, we're nerds).

AND! We have this thing called the house system. Yes, like the house system in Harry Potter. We even have a house competition. Except unlike Harry Potter, our houses are named after famous people. For instance, I'm in the house of Queen Elizabeth I (we are currently winning).

Other than that, well, King's is pretty normal. Us students stay up until ungodly hours having discussions about the meaning of life and playing the HaHaHa game, and we try not to light fires when we cook things. What more could you ask for out of college?

Now it's your turn! Tell us about your college, take a picture of your campus, and send everything to!

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