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Book Review: Maximum Ride by James Patterson

Book Review: Maximum Ride by James Patterson

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One fateful day, I had the following conversation:

Beth: Heyyyyyy.
Me: Hi.
Beth: How are you?
Me: Pretty bored. I've got nothing to read.
Beth: OMG you should totally try Maximum Ride!
Me: ...Okay?

So I got myself a copy. After some extensive research, I discovered that Maximum Ride is a young adult series written by James Patterson, and it's actually pretty popular—there's even a film adaptation on the way. Most impressively, though, is the love that teenage girls have shown for the character of Fang, who's so adored that he has his own kind of fan mail: Fang Mail. I bet Edward from Twilight doesn’t get Edward Mail. Then again, even if he did, he’d be too worried about Bella getting a paper cut to actually take it out of the envelope.

But I digress.

Right: so I got a copy and read it front to back, and now, just for you, I've written this review. Why? Because I love you. Bask in your loved-ness. Okay, you can stop basking now. I have a review to do.

Plot: In a nutshell: winged kids, who were created in a lab by genius scientists, run away from werewolves. Actually, the werewolves are called Erasers, but for all intents and purposes, they're werewolves. Here's a rough interpretation of how they came into being:

Scientist 1: Oh damn, the bird kids escaped. What do we do now?

Scientist 2: We'll have to make something else to chase after them. Maybe something with wings?

Scientist 1: Pigs? That could be cool.

Scientist 2: God, you're lame. No, something else. Something BETTER.

*Scientists look at each other as the lighting shifts and an epic musical score plays*

Scientist 1 and 2: WOLVES!

After you tear your eyes away from my beautiful drawing, read this: the book is actually pretty good. There's non-stop action, well-written fight scenes, and characters who get straight to the point (no murmuring or glowering here). All in all, it's got a very satisfying and intriguing plot line. It doesn't have much of a sequel hook penned in at the end, but I'll forgive that. I want to read on anyway.

Characters: The book mainly follows the Flock of Six: Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, The Gasman (who, despite what you might think, is not responsible for checking the gas meter or letting out farts) and Angel (who will probably turn out to be not-so-angellic later on). Max narrates the story most of the time, and it's quite amusing to see the other characters through the eyes of a sarcastic 14-year-old girl (I could relate to her perspective pretty easily). Each character has a distinct personality: Fang is the emo kid, Iggy is blind, Nudge is a chatterbox, and the Gasman...uh, well mostly he just tells bad jokes. Angel is basically a giant goody-goody, but don't worry: I've got my Goody-Goody Megatron Destroyer 4 (everyone always puts 2000 or 3000 at the end of their machines names. It' so overrated) at the ready. But seriously, the kid gets new powers every few pages. With any luck, the rest of the Flock will catch up in later books.

A note on something that annoyed me: The first thing that jumped to my attention was the chapter lengths. The shortest chapter is half a page long. Half a freaking PAGE. This seems especially ridiculous when you get to Chapter 100—I mean, isn't that a little excessive?

Writing skillz: Althought the book is written by an American, set in America, and full of American slang words (le gasp), the very English Eleanor understood the whole story. Bravo, dear chap.

Any interest in the rest of the series? Sure. With any luck the series can maintain the action and general awesomeness that is present in this book. Plus, I'm also dying to see if certain loose ends are tied up in a satisfying way... *crosses fingers very tightly*

Pig o' meter: While I can't ignore the irritating chapter length and the occasional stereotyping of scientists completely, I still think this is a pretty awesome book. I hereby award it 4 out of 5 pigs!

Kids with wings? Pseudo-werewolves? SIGN US UP. Has anyone else read this book?

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