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Confessions of an RA: The Roommate Experience, Part 2

Confessions of an RA: The Roommate Experience, Part 2

We've discussed frustrating roommates and how to bend them to your will. This week, we’re going to explore the truly hilarious, slightly sad, and often bizarre breed of roommates known as: The Specials (because The Freaks seemed a little harsh).

Specials, while they’re often lovable, usually our friends, and all together A-OK, possess one or more unique qualities that often raise eyebrows and split sides. Of the three Specials below, the first is my actual roommate from last year, and the others are two particularly peculiar Specials I’ve discovered on the job.

1. The Sleepwalker: Sure, we’ve all probably sleepwalked once or twice in our lives, but last year my roommate was absolutely notorious for it. Once, in the middle of the night, I was up late finishing a paper when she suddenly climbed on top of her dresser, crouched down, and then sprang to the ground in pursuit of some invisible creature. On another occasion, I found her at the top of the stairwell swaying back and forth Paranormal Activity-style. After that little incident, she and I (and I wish I was kidding) decided to belt her to her bed every night for her own protection.

2. The Costume Lady: Picture this: You’re washing your hands in the bathroom, minding your own business, when a giant hot dog suddenly comes out of one of the stalls. This is the Costume Lady. I’ve also ridden the elevator with her as Cookie Monster, seen her in class as a jester, and stood behind her in line at Starbucks as a cupcake.

3. The Future Circus Performer and/or Carnie: Have you ever walked into your dorm and been mowed down by a guy on a unicycle? I have. Meet the future of Cirque Du Soleil. In addition to his mad skills on the unicycle, this extra special Special can also stick his toe in his ear, walk on his hands, and do a front flip off the lobby couch.

What to do if you have Specials in your dorm: Encourage them! College is a breeding ground for strange habits and freaky personalities. These people make for great stories around the Thanksgiving table and definitely add a little color to campus. Cut your Specials some slack. In fact, do them one better and grab an extra belt, costume, or unicycle, and join in on the fun.

Tell us about your Specials! And your sleepwalking!

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