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How To Be The Perfect IB Learner

How To Be The Perfect IB Learner is about to tell you how to master your IB program—erm, kind of.—Sparkitors

Any  Sparklers who are currently suffering through the horrors of the International Baccalaureate program will love this: I went to a PRIVATE IB school. Basically,  it was like IB and private school combined into a mishmash of terror, test grades, and tears (manly tears, though). My experience taught me how to be the best IB learner possible; believe it or not, most of the instructions I'm about to give you are integral aspects of the IB program—I've just exposed their ridiculousness by applying them to everyday life rather than to school projects. Oh, and in case it's not obvious: my sarcasm hand is raised. High.

1. First, take a few lessons from the “How do you know” methodology of IB. If someone tells you about the weather tomorrow, the new dog they got, or the class they have next period,  make sure to ask them “How they know," in order to check their facts and enlighten them to the wonders of IB.  Example:

Friend: Did you see Glee last night? Kurt was hilarious!

You: How do you know?

Soon, you’ll both be reflecting on all the wondrous knowledge in your brains!

2. Embrace the learner profiles. We’ll start with an easy one, the Inquirer. When in doubt, simply inquire. Why does the cafeteria food taste so bad? Inquire. Why do you have to do homework when you’d rather eat 98 Hot Tamales? Inquire. Why is your friend wearing a really ugly sweater today? Inquire. Everyone will love the new International you! Next, we’ll try Communicator, which calls for communication in many languages, including the language of math. Try to communicate the awesomeness of Blogging Twilight using a math equation. Yeah, its tough, but suck it up. You’re an IB learner now.

3. Start looking at life through the lenses of the Areas of Interaction. I recommend choosing one of the five areas for each day of the week. Let’s say Monday is Human Ingenuity day. You wake up, slap a hand on the snooze button, and then you think, “Hey, that alarm clock is a HUMAN invention.”  What are the impacts of this invention? Positive? Negative? How do you know? This is sure to get you going on a Monday morning.

4. Next, start using the design cycle for any task you have to complete. Let’s say you mom tells you to clean your room or she'll ground you for three years. First, Investigate: what is the criteria of this project? Why are you completing this project? What is this project REALLY about? How can this project help you in the future? Make sure to cite all your sources. Then, Design! You need to complete three different plans to most efficiently take on the task of cleaning your room. Once you’ve created three different designs, weigh the pros and cons of each. Which design will you choose to enact, and why? Then, make your selection. Now, Plan. Using the design you’ve created, write a timeline outlining the exact amount of time that it will take to complete each step in your plan. Now, Create. Here, you should mention all the previous steps of your design cycle to show which steps you’ve completed. Then, follow your timeline and complete the project. You should include pictures of yourself completing your project. Finally, Evaluate. Did you follow your plan? If not, what was different than expected? How will you test your completed task? What is your task's relevance to real issues and the areas of interaction? Reflect on your use of the design cycle. Overall, this project should take around two weeks. Your mom will be thrilled.

5. Pause and reflect. How has this paragraph changed your perspective of the world? Will this paragraph change your everyday life? What is this paragraph REALLY about? How do you know? Annnnd we're back where we started. That's the magic of IB.

The magic of IB is absolutely terrifying. Any other Sparklers in an IB program? Do you like it?

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